Go see “Machete” This Weekend!!!

If I have to recommend 1 movie this year, it has to be Robert Rodriguez‘s Machete!

Not only is he clearly having fun making and shooting this film, he got to do it enlisting a cast of actors which obviously range from friends, favorites, folks who he probably idolized and has been dying to work with, and of course – if for no other reason – shock value.

In the true fashion of he and his filmmaking partner in crime – Quentin Tarantino, Rodriguez places familiar faces in standout roles that deviate from their norm, while throwing some others in the mix for exactly what you’d expect from them. It’s genius! As is the cinematography and dialogue, which is all designed to garner reaction from the audience.

(Speaking of which, there is an undercurrent of a political slant that pokes at the anti-immigration fervor growing along the borderlines, namely in Arizona and Texas and I came across this clip by talk radio host Alex Jones, who has lots to say against the film, calling it Racist! What do you think? By the way, none of the shit he’s talking about makes it into the film!)

My only advice for you would be that you go into the theatre with NO expectations. You’ll be thoroughly entertained.

If you’re a fan of any of Rodriguez’s work such as, Sin City, From Dusk Til Dawn or the Grindhouse movies (along with Tarantino),  or any old Sonny Chiba or Blaxploitation flicks, then you’ll LOVE Machete!

Shout out to The Jaded New Yorker for the screening lookout!

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  1. YESSSSSS! Go see Machete, y’all!

    (PS- my review on XI and my blog post about it will be up tomorrow.)

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