New Malik-16 Mixtape dropping Sept.16th!! & 16’s Candles present

(Click the pic to hear sample from mixtape)


Ok, Don’t say you weren’t told…


  1. nah, this cant be true. If it was true i would be rapping on it, or i would at least have one of my beats on it.

  2. Yep playboi, the day after your birthday!
    you fronted on me when I had you lined up for the guest appearance. You said, ‘I’m sorry man, I won’t be able to finish that Shy joint anytime soon. I thought I would have time, but I don’t’.
    But you did do that dope loop for me, and I gave you props for it, so you’re kinda on it!

    And besides, do you REALLY want your production on a mixtape titled “Shit You Didn’t Think Was Dope To Rap Over….”????

  3. Let me find out you wearing tight ass t-shirts now Malik…. I’m on your ass Mr Post Man!!!!

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