Is Your Weed THAT important??!

Damn TIP,

My dude Nathan at Refined Hype pointed out yesterday that only bad things happen to rappers in L.A.

(For the full backstory of what happened with T.I. getting arrested for drug possession, it’s only right that I kept it Atlanta and provided this link

But really now,

This weed shit is getting over the top. You kids are acting like it hasn’t been around for ages, like it’s sooo fucking revolutionary.

I can’t for the life of me understand this new movement of rappers that dedicate 90% of their gimmick and content to a plant, cause yeah, that hasn’t been done before almost 20 years ago. What’s so new about this?? What makes it such a phenomenon now? Is it that the kids are smoking at younger ages now when before it was left to the older heads? That can be the case. Also because the kids today are just more indulgent period. The fear of consequence is less and almost every song is a get-fucked-up anthem now more than ever. I used to think it was a hood thing, but now I see that even the nerdiest lames are blowing it down. And more females too, as I focused on in my post earlier this year, The 2011 Legalization of Cali bud & The Death of The Good Girl ( You still think rap music doesn’t influence pop culture and vice versa??! It’s cyclical. Even if the amount of Young muafuckas puffing back in the 70’s and 80’s was the same as it is now – and I highly doubt this, we weren’t hearing about it 1/4 as much as we’re hearing about it today, in all it’s glorified glory.

As the new wave of niggas who have invaded my building have given me the misfortune of having to step over them daily as they round up to roll up on my staircase on the way to my apartment (and I don’t live in the projects, just across, but might as well at this point), I don’t see this surge going anywhere soon. It’s the great get away…fill your lungs with carcinogens, spit, cough and spend your way to temporary happiness…

I just wish this shit was legalized already so I can stop hearing about it. I want them to tax it, over-charge it, monopolize it and then make Truth commercials about it and let everyone see how offensive the smell is when you’re not the one smoking it…when you have to walk behind it and have it blown in your face like cigarettes. When the blunt guts and spit globs are outside corporate buildings. I think it’s so praised because it is counter-culture and apart of a rebel spirit that people, especially youth, like to embrace.

But that’s the thing…you take white kids for example, and once they enter a certain point in their lives, they get more concerned with their prospects and other dealings, the whole consumption and over-consumption thing slows down and the risky behavior calms down generally speaking. You’ll hear stories about wild college days or crazy nights, but for some reason, you rarely hear about white stockbrokers, athletes, politicians, musicians or actors getting pulled over in their luxury cars because of a strong stench of Marijuana. And more of them smoke than negroes! Take Notes Tiny and T.I.!! (Now I will note that once again, this generally speaking, and just because you don’t hear about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And before you advocates start scrambling to scrape up the few examples in defense, I will also note that Paris Hilton, who is White, just got stopped and in trouble for the same thing recently)

How much have you allowed a drug to be integrated into your daily life? Niggas act like they can’t live without being high. How does that sound? So much so that you would risk your freedom for something that just makes you feel free? I can’t count how many times I’ve had my boys in my car with serious quantities on them and never paid attention to the fact that this shit could be the reason I’m not sleeping in my own bed that night. How dumb. One of my favorite rappers, who just got the slap-on-the-wrist of a lifetime, the biggest break since Cochran got Snoop off for Murder (And we all know he was a party to it), has royally fucked up and put himself in a situation where his future is yet again in question. Don’t niggas get tired of hiding? Don’t you get tired of having someone else decide your fate? Is this shit really that great that you can’t get by without it? Then you have to ask yourselves, what the hell has gone on or is going on to make that the case? What took it from a party drug to an everyday thang?

I mean, let’s take SEX. It’s an appropriate comparison since potheads’ number one argument is that weed is so natural. I Love sex.  Most of us do. Sex is a risky behavior, a natural indulgence. I’ve been in trouble with the cops for sex. I know that doing it in public, especially a car, can get me busted. But at the same time, I don’t have sex everyday. Most of us don’t. I don’t know if I would if I could. It would kill the awe of it. Yet, unless I’m raw-dogging a chic with no check-ups, I’m not doing any harm to my body, and I’m damn sure not risking my freedom! It’s a fine at most. The way you rappers and young fucks go about this recreational drug shit tho, I just really hope its better than sex, because sex is life, weed is just an escape from it…


  1. Alright so you know I had to weigh in on this one (bout an ounce or so…). Just kidding. I no longer indulge myself in the pleasures of Mary Mary; as well as knowing all too thoroughly the repercussions of the legaliities therein entangled. But check it: I believe you have struck the perverbial nail on the head by stating that the overindulgence has a lot to do with counter-culture. A great deal of people, whether theiy admit it or not, are participating in its use to simply rebel. Now, my personal dabbling (submersion is more apt) helped to curb my fiery temper and calm me down greatly. The shit actually helped me to function better, and I am one of few who could function near full capacity loaded that I’ve met. This of course is not exclusionary of the fact that you can overdo it, which is not good for anyone.
    Reality is that weed, green, dojah, chronic, whatever you may call it, is not necessary and there are other methods of calming one’s self, be it meditation or otherwise. However, I am still an advocate of its usage (medically) to soothe various ailments; patients aren’t getting blowed they’re easing pain. And so what if some people cheat the system to catch a buzz, cause how many mofos are running around popping prescription meds? We haven’t started locking up pharmacists yet. Truthfully, I’m happy that Michigan got on the curve and legalized medical usage, even though I no longer live there. Cause, if hundreds of folks in the state like Montel Williams can get the relief they desparately need legally, I could give a fuck if thousands like T.I. are getting away with getting Hi. Actually, good for all of them. Cause weed is 100 times less damaging than liquor.
    I could go on, but I digress…

  2. My G!!
    That was the most insightful take on things that I have heard yet.
    Iam one of those people who have always thought it should be legalized, and Iam definitely an advocate for the use of the original plant for combined and alternative medicine in the commercial forefront. Largely due to alot of the info that my dude Mos has passed by me in the last year, I think the plant might have ALOT of healing agents that can aid, if not help cure a bunch of complications and ailments.
    Iam just REALLY REALLY against and not fucking with the smoking of it. I think smoking anything is fucking crazy and wack. The whole culture of it is played out. And it’s absolutely SUPER-popular due to the rebelliousness of it. You know I never minded it or cared about it at all, but now that I gotta live among it and deal with chics who do it (which is so not sexy or ladylike), I’m so done with it. I wonder if J.D. calmed down on it, cause if you stopped, then that’s a big fuckin deal. Ya’ll niggas used to go hard!

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