How Lazy Can We Get??! Checks that cash themselves…

I originally Just hoped to post up the commercial which I saw last week that sparked this whole thing and made me go WTF?

But damn those copyright laws and provisions!

Well maybe you’ve seen it too. Apparently, Chase Bank is introducing a new technological advance to the mainstream via iPhone that will allow it’s bankers to deposit their checks simply by taking a few pictures of it with the phone. Genius! Right?

The advent of this service came around this time last year and was initially largely adopted by a Military bank for soldiers and their families by the name of USAA. It’s success has prompted commercial banks to employ the new means of processing this fall with Chase leading the pack and Citibank following suit.

As of now, this can be accessed from iPhones and Droids. Preparations to have the technology available on Blackberry’s are in the works.

Now of course, as with all other futuristic moves towards convenience, this makes life easier. I just wonder what else it makes life. Have you ever seen the critically acclaimed animated Disney Film Wall-E?? My boy once told me in high school that every invention has consequentially made humans lazier, from the straw to the cell phone. With things eliminating the need for person-to-person interaction little by little – yet more and more – how far are we away from that 1984 existence? If this isn’t the epitome of convenient laziness, I don’t know what is. The difference is that this time, it’s the most obvious that it’s ever been. I wonder what happens next time we’re so engulfed that it’s not so obvious. As I say this, I set my digital alarm, face my digital cable and get ready to get the hell off of  this computer.

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  1. What! that shit is HOT!!!! i was sitting on mad checks that I kept forgetting to cash! once I found a check for $200 that had been at the bottom of book bag for 6 months!!! I know them them niggas was tripping when chased it!! “Mo Money Mo Problems”

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