Brooklyn keeps on Taking It!

If you’ve ever been bored enough to sit around watching network Television and bumped into Damon Wayans’ built-for-the-sitcom-world-only attempt at a parenthood comedy, My Wife And Kids, then you were sure to see at least one bright light…And no, I don’t mean the cute little racially ambiguous genius kid who played the neighbor. No, the other racially ambiguous character who is cute in a whole different way!

No disrespect to Tisha Campbell, but “Vanessa” was my favorite woman on the show, and she’s the only thing that has allowed me to watch it the 10 times in my life that I have. If I’m not mistaken, she replaced my uber crush, Megan Goode as the pregnant girlfriend of the son. Teen pregnancy never looked so not-fucked-up! Doing a much better job than ms. Goode, and providing the only decent acting besides Tisha, she showed that she has potential to be a face and a name to get familiar with in the future.

For now, her television run hasn’t translated into much beyond a God-Awful Chris Stokes and Marques Houston flick and a few off-brand indies, but where you can really catch her shining is in her previous work as a print Model. It’s as if she was born to grace the pages of magazines; Her solid symmetry, coupled with star-gazing eyes that gleam are all captivating features that allure and provide a cool mystique.  She looks kinda Alicia Keys-ish, which is common of most pretty Halfrikans, (a term coined by one of my ex’s who is bi-racial) and I guess I would know a thing or two about that by now given my experience.

On top of all of that, I’ve noticed that she’s pretty low-key as far as dress and style. With Model looks, she has a fashionable approach, but you won’t see any see-thru dresses and corset numbers popping out in press footage. Nor is it likely that you’ll hear any juicy stories or scandals creeping out the woodwork from this former high school Valedictorian and Ivy league Candidate. Not bad for a product of an entertainment union – oh…Did I mention that she’s the Daughter of Disco and Pop Queen, Donna Summer?? Silly me….

We haven’t seen anything yet from this young stunning beauty, and based on her credentials, she has alot more to show. If ever she decides that acting is moving too slow, I’m sure she won’t pull a Montana Fishburne and try to fast-track things. It’s more likely that she would probabaly apply her wit towards tackling something else impressive and shining there as well. She’s serious about her career, and unlike alot of her peers who are under the radar and don’t have thousands of fans stalking her yet,  she has her own website,, where those who wanna stay abreast (pun intended) can keep up with her latest appearances or get familiar with some of  her past work.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this chic with the coolest name I’ve seen in Hollywood in a while.

And With that,

Brooklyn Sudano, (who based on this picture can pick me up at a bar anywhere, anytime)


Are My New Crush!


  1. I can always count on you to uncover (so to speak) these under-the-radar actresses & models. I just hope that you got something for my personal crush, Bianca Lawson. And let’s not forget Sharon Leal, who is the equivalent of my high school 20-somethin year old Biology teacher that just KNEW she was the shit.

  2. Word!

  3. she looks kinda like paula patton in now way reminds me of alicia, and most “halfrikans” look like alicia keys, um no

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