The Black Man’s Manhood is Constantly Under assault & All your Favorite Entertainers are Gay! True or False?

So I JUST left my barbershop where one of the homies popped in this DVD with this old southern Black man ranting and going on about the “conspiracy” behind the entertainment industry.

The man, I later discovered, is a very vocal “conscious” commentator by the name of Bobby Hemmitt who has video clips littered all over the internet. You’ve probably heard of him and this video. It’s a few years old. I know many folks like Mr. Hemmitt. And I wouldn’t be all too surprised if those who I know, know him very well also, as birds of a feather tend to flock together and like minds attract.

His particular focus in this DVD (that came in a plastic sheath with a poor photocopied cover – a la street DVD’s from the 2000-2008 era) that had my favorite 2 barbers and everyone else in the shop hyped, was the secret gay rituals of Hollywood and the Music Industry and the plot to emasculate the Black Man.

He begins the DVD with an audio clip of Pimp C talking to radio VJ’s about comments he made about Atlanta, fake trap-rappers and Russell Simmons’ sexuality. This is all probably old news to you all now. As is this whole expose that he professes to take viewers on, by hashing out faulty theories consisting of conclusive generalizations formed from a mix of facts and loose rumors that have been circulating for over a decade now.

I watched as my barbershop peeps were just eating everything up, Amening as he implied that everyone from Flip Wilson to LL Cool J is Gay and the only stand up guys from entertainment are Fred Williamson, 2Pac and Dave Chapelle, who refused to go for the Okee Doke (and chose to “cement their male-ness” and not let them effeminizethem). The popular discussion of why so many perceivably strong Black Men in the limelight end up doing the old cross-dressing routine is the dominant topic of conversation, and he seems to have it in for Quincy Jones and Will Smith especially. All of this before he begins to credit Lela Rochon as a good actress who was apart of a whole heap of Black actresses who can no longer get roles due to a move conspired by Hollywood to only give big roles to fuller-figured Black women, in an effort to hide the Black Woman’s sexuality and prevent it from being equated to that of their White counterparts.

He mentions a trend in films where Black male actors get shot in the Buttocks as a form of disrepect, and comments how fellow African-Americans  supporting films where Blacks die adds to a fear element that damages Melanin.

I’ve heard some of this before, As I ‘ve stated, I know Mr. Hemmitt’s mind-frame all too well, as I’ve come across it many times in my short life. My own perspective wasn’t too far removed at one point. I also know that from belief, people can tie things together in whichever ways they choose to make sense of and connect dots to form what they wish to see. There are a number of conspiracy based things that I endorse that lack fundamental or empirical evidence, such as AIDS being a man-made epidemic, designed for genocidal population control. But I tend not to profess that as the absolute truth as if I had proof of this. The difference here, is that Hemmitt takes small pieces of things and presents them as actual evidence to support the absolute truth that he is pushing.

The closer in and deeper I get involved in this business, Iam learning and discovering that there is a great deal of homosexuality and general non-Masculine behavior amongst the people in power. There are so many people running things who are on ego trips and are indulging in a very social-climbing based lifestyle. The more I learn, I will definitely share with you. That just may mean that entertainment, like fashion, is just a realm that attracts that crowd. Gay is not a curse word. I would hope that is not the point being made. But to Bobby’s credit, I think that his focus is more on the denigration of  the heterosexual Black Male and his historical place in the world. This is a species that has been stripped, beaten, broken and misguided time and time again. Viewing a surge in homosexual activity in a platform that delivers our primary imagery of Black men(be it music media or film media), which tends to be looked at reflectively, as another threat to this character, may not be so off. As a damaged creature on this planet, can young Black men or women really benefit in clear self-images when they see more and more flamboyant men flailing around behaving like women? Or being constantly made villains and dying sidekicks? There is a point being made here. I’m just not too keen on how…

“Conscious” people have a bad habit of finding racism in almost everything. The dangerous part is that propaganda works both ways. There’s always a great amount of truth in what they say, but where that truth leads them is sketchy. What’s so funny to me is the things that are condoned by these “Conscious” folks. The paradoxical nature of humanity is always in full effect, but blatant contradiction and hippocracy just sucks. Right Nas?

So is it “Black Girl Lost” or Shorty Owe You For Ice?”. Is it Ok for Dave Chapelle to play a crackhead as long as he doesn’t put on a dress?(FYI, he wore a dress in Robin Hood – Men In Tights), Or would Denzel deserve the Oscar more rightfully so if he didn’t get shot in the butt and lived at the end of Training Day to see another day as the Drug smuggling, philandering, murderous crooked Black Cop? So we’re supposed to have confidence in Dead Prez’s Revolution when they make anthems about gettin fucked up on weed and alcohol??

One day people will get the gist that Extremes, in either direction, don’t work.

Watch the clip above and then below, and tell me what you think about Mr. Hemmitt’s comments.

Have you seen this crazy-as-BALLS Axe commercial??!!!

It’s not new. It’s just fuckin’ nuts (Literally), and I Just saw it myself for the first time last night between Family Guy ( I guess that’s why).

I actually think this commercial was originally banned, and they must’ve changed their mind depending on the programming.

Sex Sells indeed…

Sol-Leks Performance w/YC The Cynic & Yonas Tomorrow Night!

My boy Sol-Leks back at it again…

Come thru if you can

Is Your Weed THAT important??!

Damn TIP,

My dude Nathan at Refined Hype pointed out yesterday that only bad things happen to rappers in L.A.

(For the full backstory of what happened with T.I. getting arrested for drug possession, it’s only right that I kept it Atlanta and provided this link

But really now,

This weed shit is getting over the top. You kids are acting like it hasn’t been around for ages, like it’s sooo fucking revolutionary.

I can’t for the life of me understand this new movement of rappers that dedicate 90% of their gimmick and content to a plant, cause yeah, that hasn’t been done before almost 20 years ago. What’s so new about this?? What makes it such a phenomenon now? Is it that the kids are smoking at younger ages now when before it was left to the older heads? That can be the case. Also because the kids today are just more indulgent period. The fear of consequence is less and almost every song is a get-fucked-up anthem now more than ever. I used to think it was a hood thing, but now I see that even the nerdiest lames are blowing it down. And more females too, as I focused on in my post earlier this year, The 2011 Legalization of Cali bud & The Death of The Good Girl ( You still think rap music doesn’t influence pop culture and vice versa??! It’s cyclical. Even if the amount of Young muafuckas puffing back in the 70’s and 80’s was the same as it is now – and I highly doubt this, we weren’t hearing about it 1/4 as much as we’re hearing about it today, in all it’s glorified glory.

As the new wave of niggas who have invaded my building have given me the misfortune of having to step over them daily as they round up to roll up on my staircase on the way to my apartment (and I don’t live in the projects, just across, but might as well at this point), I don’t see this surge going anywhere soon. It’s the great get away…fill your lungs with carcinogens, spit, cough and spend your way to temporary happiness…

I just wish this shit was legalized already so I can stop hearing about it. I want them to tax it, over-charge it, monopolize it and then make Truth commercials about it and let everyone see how offensive the smell is when you’re not the one smoking it…when you have to walk behind it and have it blown in your face like cigarettes. When the blunt guts and spit globs are outside corporate buildings. I think it’s so praised because it is counter-culture and apart of a rebel spirit that people, especially youth, like to embrace.

But that’s the thing…you take white kids for example, and once they enter a certain point in their lives, they get more concerned with their prospects and other dealings, the whole consumption and over-consumption thing slows down and the risky behavior calms down generally speaking. You’ll hear stories about wild college days or crazy nights, but for some reason, you rarely hear about white stockbrokers, athletes, politicians, musicians or actors getting pulled over in their luxury cars because of a strong stench of Marijuana. And more of them smoke than negroes! Take Notes Tiny and T.I.!! (Now I will note that once again, this generally speaking, and just because you don’t hear about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And before you advocates start scrambling to scrape up the few examples in defense, I will also note that Paris Hilton, who is White, just got stopped and in trouble for the same thing recently)

How much have you allowed a drug to be integrated into your daily life? Niggas act like they can’t live without being high. How does that sound? So much so that you would risk your freedom for something that just makes you feel free? I can’t count how many times I’ve had my boys in my car with serious quantities on them and never paid attention to the fact that this shit could be the reason I’m not sleeping in my own bed that night. How dumb. One of my favorite rappers, who just got the slap-on-the-wrist of a lifetime, the biggest break since Cochran got Snoop off for Murder (And we all know he was a party to it), has royally fucked up and put himself in a situation where his future is yet again in question. Don’t niggas get tired of hiding? Don’t you get tired of having someone else decide your fate? Is this shit really that great that you can’t get by without it? Then you have to ask yourselves, what the hell has gone on or is going on to make that the case? What took it from a party drug to an everyday thang?

I mean, let’s take SEX. It’s an appropriate comparison since potheads’ number one argument is that weed is so natural. I Love sex.  Most of us do. Sex is a risky behavior, a natural indulgence. I’ve been in trouble with the cops for sex. I know that doing it in public, especially a car, can get me busted. But at the same time, I don’t have sex everyday. Most of us don’t. I don’t know if I would if I could. It would kill the awe of it. Yet, unless I’m raw-dogging a chic with no check-ups, I’m not doing any harm to my body, and I’m damn sure not risking my freedom! It’s a fine at most. The way you rappers and young fucks go about this recreational drug shit tho, I just really hope its better than sex, because sex is life, weed is just an escape from it…

Who Killed The Female Rapper?: A Love Story…

As I watched the BET special, My Mic Sounds Nice –  The Truth About Women in Hip-Hop,

I realized that along with my homegirl, Starrene Rhett, I have become somewhat of an advocate for the female emcee in this modest blog-world. Upon a quick review of this site and it’s stats, I see that my most popular posts have been the ones in my series of Top female rapper lists, ranging from Top failures to Top hopes for the future. I accept that responsibility humbly, something like a masculine feminist, simply because I couldn’t imagine hip-hop without women.

What I do like about this delicately edited and thoughtfully put-together documentary is that it addressed all of the relevant issues that have arisen for the female M.C. Although it flashed past the whole early 90’s era where you might have seen the most diverse cavalcade of estrogen-infused rappers and jumped right into the mid-90’s, it accomplished so much in its one hour time span.

I was surprised and  delighted to see unexpected faces like Eve, Ladybug Mecca (so damn beautiful), Nikki D, Tiye Phoenix and even Rage and Medusa. Despite having to endure my favorite, Mc Lyte‘s twisting lips every time she spoke, and listening to almost every participant damn near eulogize Lauryn Hill, I just kept wishing Foxy, Da Brat, Monie Love and Kim were apart of this as well. It would have felt more complete. And Why the fuck doesn’t Queen Latifah ever Come out for these kinds of things??!

Actually, this topic is so big that each segment really deserved its own half hour. This could be a Planet Earth – like series that goes on and really delves into the details of everything. Female hip-hop enthusiasts, writers, rappers and directors – you listening out there??

I was wondering if Nicki Minaj would come up, and of course she did. Things were approached from the angles that you would expect from a special on this level. Remember, this is a network that has turned its program marketing toward a young pre-teen to late 20’s demographic, so at most, I hope it taught lots of young’ns that there was life before Nicki. It was a very surface investigation that didn’t give us answers or surely didn’t teach hip-hop historians such as myself, but if anything, should have inspired us to do better, or at least find out the whys and hows.

I know from being in this world that there are in fact more female rappers now than ever! And on a super diverse scale. What I haven’t seen, however, is a wealth of appeal.

Let’s put the burden of being a female aside and just take into account the value of appeal and grind for any artist on the come up. Now Iam no guru on this being that I as an artist trying to make it myself haven’t really been able to crack the magic formula to be an overnight smash. But the few strides that I have made thus far in my fledgling career can be attributed to a healthy understanding of and dedication to both. As I pointed out in one of my top female rapper posts, the number one Achilles heel of Female rappers is focusing too much of their energy on one aspect of their artistry or personalities. Sex sells, but there’s only so much you sell yourself before you’re used up. Battling is cool, but after you’ve won all the battles, where’s your deal? Lyrics are dope and all, but where’s your stage presence?

The reason Lauryn is the Holy Grail of female hip-hopdom and her name garners the same reverence from both new and old rappers is because she displayed so many facets of her personality in an honest, vulnerable, casual, confident and believable way, all from the jump. It wasn’t, ‘oh, let me sing on this third project‘. Or ‘let me wear a dress after 10 years’, or ‘let me make a relationship song now after I’ve killed niggas on the block in my 80 prior mixtape appearances’, or ‘let me try to show you I’m lyrical on this acapella YouTube freestyle after all my songs have been bubblegum pop’.

For this reason, we have to bring the fact of being a female back into play. Any new rapper has to present their story and their appeal, and in most cases, being a 1 dimensional rapper doesn’t get you far (Unless of course your character as an artist overshadows your content, or you’re Kid Cudi or one of these new Weed Rappers or Officer Ricky). Now take that and double the responsibility for a woman because not only does she have the obstacle of trying to sway the masses as a new artist, she has to sway the masses to feel her as a woman. And in hip-hop, the masses means men who fuel barbershop debates and hating-ass women who have to feel like there’s something to relate to or identify with in you. That means all you hardcore underground Lesbians better have some helluva charismatic charm!

Now, Starrene stands on the side that insists that the industry is shady and men have been closing doors on females for years, citing a lack of ability to generate sales (see her article here, She points that most of these big wigs are too lazy to actually Scout for the talent that is flooding the rap scene today, and wouldn’t know where to look if they tried.

I agree.

But I do definitely think that the female rapper herself is more to blame.

If anyone remembers the PreYoung Money Nicki, you know that she was determined to make heads turn and gain reaction because she sought out to keep her name buzzing and play in the same arenas as the boys who are respected. I see the misogyny in hip-hop lyrics daily, but rarely amongst the community of artists. I don’t hear male rap groups or soloists saying ‘nah, she can’t do this because she’s a chic’ If anything, the usual response from men in the game upon hearing a good female rapper is one of excitement, wanting to be the one who puts her on, or seeking to collab.

I used to date a female rapper who was very prominent within the underground circle, even award-winning. But what I noticed is that for all the acclaim that she received and all the notoriety she was gaining for her music on the show circuit, she never took the steps to translate that to any other success in the other crucial areas of being buzzworthy. Videos were nil, Press coverage was scarce, and pursuit of a radio or dj connect was not in the works. This is something that I see far too often with women in the game. I can’t – and you can’t either, name 1 female who is a prominent mainstay on any blogsite or hip-hop media site the same way as alot of these dudes. There is no female Curren$y. No female Joell Ortiz.

Now, as much love as someone like this chic got or someone who most everyone loves, like a Jean Grae gets respect across the board, I find it hard to believe that this is the doing of evil men in power so much as it is a lack of push. I think some semblance of complacency sets in when female artists reach a certain level of status in the underground world. They may not feel the urgency of getting features and having weekly tracks posted. This is evidenced by such big breaks you see between female-helmed releases.

Another thing is that It may be easier for women to feel like their rap lives are separate from their private lives. This is delicate territory because I cannot truly know the mechanics of being a woman, but in my experience, I have heard most women who rap draw the line more distinctly than men. This could play a role in how much what they deem as real life gets in the way of their grind. Life changes, finances, travel, romantic and familial situations can all deter one young lady. Or even something less tangible but just as real such as age and security can unravel someone and make them withdraw a bit. As women advance thru life, they become more concerned with their stability and future. A man is more inclined to engage in at-risk behavior well into his late 30’s, including continuing to live as a starving artist. Most women ain’t having that! Even the raptress I was dating would have moments where she questioned hanging it up and pursuing other passions out of fear of time. Take our favorite, Jean, for example…. What rap journalist wouldn’t scramble to claim first dibs on her exclusives a few years ago if she was the kind of artist to consistently drop new music? At one point, she had us in the palm of her hands, waiting for her to give us the closest thing to balance in a female rapper since Ms. Hill. But what did she do? She played us! She fake-retired, got moody, got old and not bubbling under anymore. Now the only ones checking for her to blow are her prior fans. There was a point in time where Nina B was a frequent name on hip hop sites with new videos and mixtapes and collabs every month, but now it seems even she has fallen back a bit.

So something must be said for the amount of women in this biz not understanding what works and neglecting to marry as many elements together in a way that will gather the largest build-up. As was said in the special, I just hope somebody comes along after the airing of this and gets it right so a new spark can be ignited. I have my predictions. And lets not count Nicki out as a spearhead.

On another note, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to hip you all to this brilliant post that was put up by one of my blogger homies, Ms. Smarty P. Jones, courtesy of her blog, Smarty’s World

She does a clever run down of female based on the show’s main subjects.

Until next time people, I’ll be bumping my Da Brat joints and waiting for some kind of Phoenix Saga.

New Malik-16 Mixtape dropping Sept.16th!! & 16’s Candles present

(Click the pic to hear sample from mixtape)


Ok, Don’t say you weren’t told…

Go see “Machete” This Weekend!!!

If I have to recommend 1 movie this year, it has to be Robert Rodriguez‘s Machete!

Not only is he clearly having fun making and shooting this film, he got to do it enlisting a cast of actors which obviously range from friends, favorites, folks who he probably idolized and has been dying to work with, and of course – if for no other reason – shock value.

In the true fashion of he and his filmmaking partner in crime – Quentin Tarantino, Rodriguez places familiar faces in standout roles that deviate from their norm, while throwing some others in the mix for exactly what you’d expect from them. It’s genius! As is the cinematography and dialogue, which is all designed to garner reaction from the audience.

(Speaking of which, there is an undercurrent of a political slant that pokes at the anti-immigration fervor growing along the borderlines, namely in Arizona and Texas and I came across this clip by talk radio host Alex Jones, who has lots to say against the film, calling it Racist! What do you think? By the way, none of the shit he’s talking about makes it into the film!)

My only advice for you would be that you go into the theatre with NO expectations. You’ll be thoroughly entertained.

If you’re a fan of any of Rodriguez’s work such as, Sin City, From Dusk Til Dawn or the Grindhouse movies (along with Tarantino),  or any old Sonny Chiba or Blaxploitation flicks, then you’ll LOVE Machete!

Shout out to The Jaded New Yorker for the screening lookout!

Obama Pulls the Plug on War, Recharges another…

It’s Officially the 1st day of September,

a hot one at that,

and to kick off the beginning of my season, President Obama has promised to end a whole entire war.

In his 2nd ever address from the Oval office, Obama declared that the combat mission in Iraq is over and that the initial decision to engage was a mistake and this is the admission to that.

It is public knowledge that Obama was opposed to the Iraq occupation from the onset, usually trading sentiments with George W. Bush and other Republican defenders of the war. However, in his address, Obama notes that he personally called Bush and conversed on the situation at hand in Iraq, and then accentuated the positive aspects of Bush’s intentions as a Devoted American.

In either case, While Obama insists that the number one priority in the U.S. is tending to the economy, this withdrawal from Iraq will see 50,000 American troops remaining for support and counter-terrorism training, and only serves as an effort to strengthen the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. So this is a relief in one way, and a headache in another. The agenda continues…I just read that the war in Afghanistan is now the longest since Vietnam. We just don’t hear about it consistently.

We as Americans have forgotten why we are in either territory to begin with. As Anti-Muslim sentiments grow and grow daily in the face of the Ground Zero Mosque debate, none of these Military moves seem to be helping anything. When U.S. soldiers leave Iraq next year, will it be any better than when they entered almost a decade ago?

I commend Obama for his stance on the situation and making a bold move that will reunite families and keep thousands of our brave young men out of an unecessary environment, but the American Government still gets the side eye from me, until all War is on pause for a minute…

How about we worry about the oil spill that we caused that will fuck up an entire OCEAN system for years to come? How about that??

Oh, and I stole this Obama pic from an Associated Press article because it looked so iconic. You gotta love it.

Regina…Is KING!

My Word!

Do you guys remember how Regina King USED to look??

It wouldn’t do any justice to this post to place any pictures in the way that would remind you of the pouchy, frumpy, rope-haired, baggy clothes laden hood bandit version of her…nor her first incarnation as the shapeless, mushroom topped girl down the block from 227.

Yes, the light eyes have always been the saving grace, and the draw that we couldn’t quite put our fingers on, but if ever anybody deserved the phrase ‘Better with time/age’, or an award for Most Improved, It would be Regina.

So on this last day of August, I’m gonna close out a rather slow month for this blog with someone who makes my heart beat fast!

This Crush Alot post has been a Long time coming…

I first noticed Regina King version 2.0 in a scene during the film This Christmas, where she appeared in lingerie, and it seemed like overnight, she blossomed and had this banging body!

I saw back muscle definition, tricep lines, a coke bottle figure and boobies!

Now keep in mind, Ms. King is well past the perceived Hollywood prime. If she was playing a teen on an 80’s sitcom, you can imagine her age now. How is it that the ghetto rat that was a borderline alcoholic in Poetic Justice that no one paid attention to, turned to this?? I mean, we were just getting used to her starting to look more her age and accept her as a wife and sidekick in movies like Enemy Of The State and Ms. Congeniality 2! And I’m sorry, even tho every other Negro seems to all of a sudden, Love The Boondocks this past year, I H8 the idea of her voicing both main characters!!

It’s so dope to see a woman – a Black woman to bat, getting serious about her look, appeal and health at a later age. Whatever the cause or motivation may have been for Regina, be it a bad breakup, medical awareness, or just for roles, it’s not as important as the display of the fruits of her labor. She is a fine example of how to play this game right. She is a walking poster child for fitness without fluctuation or losing femininity. While her contemporaries are gaining arm fat and rounder faces and losing work, Regina has had a better career in the last 15 years than her first 15.

Even if it wasn’t about that, it’s  just a show of perserverance and dedication. Working out is hard. Maintaining a regimen and actually being able to see the results is even trickier. Alot of women are just satisfied with being a few sizes smaller, or fiting into a dress, or accomplishing a weight loss and tone for a specified purpose or moment in time. Regina has chiseled herself indefinitely, and seems to be intent on keeping that look intact. She didn’t have to do that. She could’ve stopped a while ago because She wasn’t fat to begin with. She just wasn’t the defined, head turning Regina King posing before us today that has dudes my age and up – if not younger, putting her on their lists.

I just wish all women would do this as they age; Man or No Man…But especially if they have a man. There’d be much less cheating in middle America I’m sure. Something in the rationalizing of women allows them to feel accomplished with just a few walks on the treadmill and a power walk after they reach a certain age and pop a few babies out – if they work out at all. Take notes ladies; Regina is a mom too, well past her 20’s and a non award-winning veteran actress who is JUST now getting mainstream recognition….How busy do you think she is compared to you??

Enough of that tho, Ms. King is King because of her winning smile, her MILF status (Because she certainly looks like she knows how to put it down – I don’t know, but something about those intimate scenes – look at Our Family Wedding and the scene I mentioned before in This Christmas), her down to Earth personality and those eyes – Yes, those eyes

They’re captivating and engaging, in a way that can be seductive and friendly at the same time. The body is a plus. Her personality is the big prize. From reading her interviews, I pick up that she’s just a regular chic from around the way that parlayed her dream into a career and is appreciative for every stepping stone. The type of chic who eats egg whites only, but still puts hotsauce on everything! I Love that kind of balance! She seems hungrier than ever, and fully aware of, and comfortable in her new frame.

I’ll leave out the fact that Theo Huxtable got to claim her and tap that in real life, as well as her recent call for Black women to start dating outside of their race if Black men aren’t doing their job…That would be as counteractive to this post as putting up those old Brenda pics.

What I will say is, the upgrade definitely has not gone unnoticed, and as these pictures exemplify, there are many sides to the sexy that belongs to Regina. Iam so intrigued, it’s to the point where Chili would have to take a backseat to her for my MILF title.

Having that said;

Regina King,

your Highness,


Are my New Crush!