BITCH Calls TDJ out by name!!

You guys should know by now…I’m always bigging up my homegirl and former founding contributor to this site, the infamous TDJ.

One of the many facets of the multi-facted Ms. Jackson is her expertise as an accompolished videographer, producer, screenplay writer and director – which I guess is technically more than one if you break it down.

This time last year, as both a Grad-school project (Yeah, she’s a student as well) and one of her own, she filmed the short, entitled The Field Trip, which she entered into numerous film festivals in the 2010 season and garnered much acclaim. And the acclaim keeps rolling in as this has gotten her recognition in BITCH magazine’s write-up this month on females in the horror genre. Check it out here

Now, if you’ve been reading, then you know how I feel about feminists, feminism and pseudo feminists and pseudo feminism – and BITCH is a Feminist mag. However, the more amazing women I have and come across in my life, the more I see they may pop up in this publication, so I may just have to keep a close eye on a BITCH every now and then…

16’s Candles shouts out TDJ and wishes her much more future recognition for her many hustles and talents as she never stops grinding. Neither do we…

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  1. Hehehehe…thanks 🙂

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