My First Comic-Con experience!

I’ve been slacking,

but I’ve been meaning to put up the footage and pics from my trip to The 2010 New York Comic-Con last Sunday.

I grew up as a huge Comic Book fan and as such I have passed this love down to my nephews with proud results. Something passed on to me by my very own uncle and my big cousin Omar, I have stacks and stacks of Comics just waiting to accrue worth as I get older. All this said, I have never been nerdy enough to venture so far into the world of Geekdom to go to an actual convention. However, as the popularity of the San Diego Comic-Con has grown to the point of being a hot ticket event (even getting coverage on E! now), I told myself that I would make this year thee year. Plus it’s my month – why not? 

It was only right that I shared such a momentous outing with one of my nephews, so I took my closest, Winnie, with me. He’s 6 and he lives for this stuff! Yet for some reason this day, what seemed to capture his interest most were the random video game displays…From an online game based on his favorite cartoon series, Superhero Squad, to an interactive Michael Jackson tribute video game coming soon that’s somewhere between Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Fitness. He even went so far as to cut a line when I wasn’t looking and asked a grown man to give up his turn so he can play….To which this grown man complied. My nephew has balls indeed. I warned him that he can’t thrive off cuteness for too long – that shit will bite him in the butt one day. 

Here’s a few shots from the day.  I went there with all intentions to meet my 2 favorite people in the history of Comic Books; Jim Lee (my favorite artist), and Stan “the man” Lee (the face of Marvel Comics and the creator of all of the most famous Superheroes with good movies) – No relation. That means I came there with my 2 each of my best Spider-Man and X-Men issues ready to be autographed and blessed – That’s as fanboy as I got! Unless you count me drooling over the upcoming action figures, sculptures and breaking down to buy me and my nephew toy replica Green Lantern Power rings that light up at $10 a pop! 

Anyway, peep the vids. This is the same day me and the homey Killa went to see Bone Thugs N Harmony perform at B.B. Kings. What a paradox, seeing so many Black folk at the Comic convention, and so many White folk at the Bone Thugs show. The world is really different now…

I even ran into the homey, Kai Holmes from 6 Chamber Productions, who did my first 2 music videos. He was filming for the Urban comic and web series Majestics and their booth. As you hear the “Dueces” remix playing in the background and the loud-ass dj/host, you could see why I used the word Urban. we always gotta turn everything into a damn party don’t we? 

Keep in mind, I’m writing this as the Preview for the new Avengers cartoon is on T.V. right now, so I can’t even be held accountable for any typos – I’m understandably and appropriately distracted.


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