More reason for me not to like GPS!

I’m not going to make this a long one.

All you need to know is that somewhere in America a Young Egyptian man discovered an FBI-designed GPS tracking device while he was getting an oil change.

Instead of an official apology from the government, what the young man received was a visit to his home by the FBI demanding their property back. Amazing!

Read the full story here…

I don’t like satellite ANYTHING! There may be tracking in things that I’m not aware of yet, like this computer, or my phone, but the idea of a direct tracking system does not sit well with me – saving lives or not.

But what do YOU think?


  1. l beleive that it is coming to a point where in a matter of years everyone will have to have techno chip shoved up there asses in order to get by ,get food or even work ,it’s called CONTROL and there trying to win, dealing with the word resastion excuse my spelling for a word that means jack shit to me we as the people were use as a experiment that word scared everyone … all of the company’s began to fire hard working poeple just to save money for them and other companies began to do it as well the word scared alot of hard worker but you must think to yourself if the matter of life and death came onto everyone us as the people will FALL due to the fact that we can not handle certain situation I WILL PRAY FOR ALL

  2. I dont give a shit if they know were i am. im in the STREETS!!! ask about me!

    • yeah you’ll give a shit when there everywhere you are and you can’t get your money right. lol yeah there asking about you and you where abouts

  3. So you don’t like gps huh? OK! Get a prepaid phone and a couple of sims, and turn it off when it’s not in use; get an aluminum phone case; don’t use one for directions ever; stay off the Internet (oops too late!); stay credit card free; oh and let’s not forget not to buy your consumer products or clothing from Walmart as they are ramping up placing them in their products “for inventory purposes”….
    Look Malik. The FBI has been watching you since the doubletree in 2001. I been tryna tell you that. And they haven’t needed a gps unit in your hand yet to know who you associate with, what moves you make, and what radical organization ties you may or may not have with your Islamic studying ass!
    Now adays with the exposure to technology the youth have it makes it even easier to track them cause they put alllllllllll their info on YouTube Facebook and myspace. I’m not calling it fair by any means, but this is “freedom” in century 21.
    Now, I appreciate this story cause it’s a major violation, but let’s have an offline dialog about what to do to counteract that which is obviously already in motion.



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