Rich-Education – Chapter 2


Have you ever heard this term before? “Keep It Simple Stupid!”

Its predominantly used in motivational business meetings. It encourages salespeople to learn the product and when selling, explain it in a bare bones sales pitch to empower the customer with the information they need, not the unnecessary gaffe.

You’re asking, What does this derogatory term about consumers have to do with how I run my life 5?

Well I’m glad you asked!

Keep it simple stupid, keep it simple Simon, keep information simply sweet, K.I.S.S., and which ever way it is used in meetings today is a social science on it’s own. If you keep it simple, then more will get accomplished. That is the sole purpose of that term. You accomplish more with less. Lo and behold this term does not only work in business but in relationships, conversations, speeches, directions, cookbooks, school, etc. When you keep it simple then everyone wins. Now, as much as I would love to say, “everyone should follow this motif!”, there is an unfortunate negative side to all this simplicity. The use of acronyms and emoticons are making their way into our school essays, books, commercials, television programs, down to even our english language. Nine out of ten text messages have some form of abbreviation. That being said the K.I.S.S. rule should be applied in moderation as to not indoctrinate our language with bad grammar. My rule of thumb goes back to the decision making post I wrote earlier. Proper timing when answering a question, responding to a text and even writing an essay will allow you to filter the bad behaviors and come up with complete sentences that offer little to no filler. I personally take an extra 60 seconds after I type a reply to read what I have wrote and I find ways to cut certain words off. Make a shorter more complete sentence. I don’t expect anyone to follow my direction, yet I should say that I am one of the most concise people I know when it comes to communication. My background in retail allowed me to hone my craft and create perfect pitches or explanations about any particular product and I have generated a lot of return business for the stores I have worked in. Also with my close friends I am typically the “go-to guy” when someone needs a second look on a particular subject. This concerned effort in simplifying the indescribable allows one to gain a broader perspective in analyzing a situation and with the tools aforementioned they can filter out the filler and make a proper decision.


Ok sorry! Simply put, if you keep it simple now then you reduce the bullshit later.

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