(10) Classic Sounds


“So forget the past, No more shorty, Strictly Buckshot….”

A memorable line from a song that should have appeared on this album but didn’t. It was actually the remix to the track “I Got Cha Opin”. It’s one of my favorite rap songs of all time, and a remix that was in fact more popular than the original because it was released as a single. Yet, if you bought the album based off of the coolness of the singles you may have heard around the way or on the radio, then you’d be in for a slight let-down.

I hate to start off a Classic review like that, but in a way, it’s telling of what this album delivers…2 different feels…

I take this one personally, because the Boot Camp Clik is my favorite rap crew, which is home to my favorite rap duo; Smif-N-Wessun, as well as 2 of the best spitters of all time; Ruck and Rock, as well as my favorite Hip-Hop record label, and one of the coolest dudes in the game; Buckshot. Also, because these dudes grew up with my cousins in Brooklyn. And while I may not be the most up on their recent work, or I may not still be the most hardcore fan, I keep abreast of  the moves they make and they have left an indelible impak on me.

I’ll never forget my first time hearing of Black Moon. It was 1991 going on 1992. Me and my sister Veen were just chillin’ watching Video Music Box and Ralph McDaniels announced the debut of a new group from Brooklyn. The video debuting was for the introductory single “Who Got Da Props”. The whole video was just a mob of Brooklyn kids running through an alley up to a fence. So many, that besides Buckshot himself, I couldn’t tell who the Hell else was in this group. I was intrigued by the name of the group and admired that the lead dude was short like me, but commanding in presence. I wanted to hear more. It would be a year later when I heard that something more from the group that I STILL wasn’t convinced was a group because Buckshot remained the only visible member as new singles began pouring out onto the airwaves, marking the release of the album we come to know now as Enta Da Stage. I got it that Evil Dee was the dj, but it just seemed like it was a one-man-act. When the “I Got Cha Opin” remix dropped, at the end of the song, you hear Buckshot shouting out someone named “big 5” among a list of other jailed friends and saying “we coming to get you out kid”. I just vaguely remembered the 5Ft. Assassin from hearing him shouted out in the chorus from “Who Got Da Props” a year and change earlier and put it together that he must’ve been the other group “member”. I barely recognized the dude rapping as Buckshot either. The rowdy kid with the Fisherman hat from the first video I saw moving spastically and spitting like he was in a street fight, was replaced by a calm, melodic rap personality, with the same hunger, but with more poetry in his lyrics and more chill in his voice. He was right, this certainly wasn’t “Buckshot Shorty” anymore. It was like Night and Day. And that’s what being a Black Moon fan and listening to this album is like for me…

The general hip-hop public didn’t know that this version of  “I Got Cha Opin” was the remix. Like myself, most assumed this was an album cut. Enta Da Stage, much like Biggie‘s seminal effort, Ready To Die was more of a compiled batch of songs recorded between the earlier period of the group’s recording process, and the later period. The difference here being that there was no overbearing Visionary Svengali like Sean Combs to ensure the brilliant sequencing and critical selectivity of the project as an album like Big had to make his a classic and give it a cinematic feel. This was just raw Brooklyn kid Timberland boot music. Which is fine if you’re a 1 – dimensional, New York-centric hardcore head who craves momentary satisfaction (like alot of my hip-hop listening peers tend to be). But this sucks if you’re into being able to make albums that can be played from front to back and stand the test of time.

In rap news, it’s been no secret that The Bootcamp family, Most notably Black Moon and Smif-N-Wessun, who released their debuts on Nervous Records, had many grievances with the label. Something must have happened that pushed the original drop date of the album back.  No label spends money on promo just for the sake of it. I’m guessing the group may have also been stalled by the incarceration of member 5 ft. This apparently lead to Buck helming the project and carrying the weight of it. It’s also clear that he and Dj Evil Dee, who was also 1 half of Bootcamp production team, Da Beatminerz (along with his brother Mr. Walt), went back into the lab to make new material with a more refined sound that made its way onto the album.

Those additions and that little stretch of time was needed. The sprinkles of airy samples and hypnotic instrumentation coupled with Buck’s newfound unique chanty flow helped to break up the monotony of the barrage of Boom-Bap and yelling that floods this LP.

Some of that Boom-Bap and yelling is no doubt Dope, like the high-powered intro that borrows from the popular Busta Rhymes line (“Powerful Impak”). It’s all you can ask for to set a 90’s rap album off. After listening to the second song however, “Niguz Talk Shit” and looking at the names and deliberate spelling of the other song titles, it becomes obvious what school of thought Black Moon was coming from. Straight from the early to mid-90’s East Coast ethic of being unrealistically violent and grim, sounding ready to fight, and having 10 niggas shouting one repeated phrase for a hook, the songs that seem to be from the earlier set of recordings are all about the same thing; representin’. At times, it even sounds like you’re just hearing the same song with a different hook. The beats are mainly murky bass and drum kicks with very little instrumentation on top of it. Similar patterns make them less discernible from each other and this lead to the stamp of the crew having a “BootCamp Sound”.

Thank God for sampling. Once Da Beatminerz tapped into the jazzier side of things, they were able to produce gems like “Shit Iz Real”  and the experimentally stripped down and eerie “Slave”. It’s like they found their glory from the “Who Got Da Props” days. The more standout beats encouraged Buck’s more standout flows.

Besides the aforementioned “Niguz Talk Shit”, there’s more clunker moments like “Son Get Wrec”,  “Ack Like U Want It” (even tho the beat is pretty ill) and “Make Munne” that sound redundant and as if there was little thought required. 5ft.’s aggressive and forgettable presence on the mic adds to the trite feel. By the time you get to the closing track, “U Da Man” featuring a super young Havoc from Mobb Deep and BootCamp’s resident Whiteboy businessman, Dru Ha, dropping a verse and the N-word, You feel like you’ve been stomped with a Timberland boot for real! Although, It should be noted that Buck murders everyone on here.

But like I said, sometimes the Boom-Bap was just undeniably Dope. On tracks like the song that introduced Tek and Steele as a duo to the world, “Black Smif-N-Wessun”, their presence helps. And on the original “I Got Cha Opin”, you’ll want to press rewind because the knock of it mixes with those soulful elements in an ill and nostalgic way. The title track just adds to that and gives a real 90’s Brooklyn aesthetic.

Basically, the general consensus of this album is that it is definitely a classic. There is no debating that on any grounds. Yet and still, this album is a classic for every other reason than it’s album work. It’s a memorable cover, from a memorable group that launched a memorable crew and label from this point, from a memorable time period in hip-hop and NYC history, from an unforgettable place, with memorable singles….That barely appeared on this album! There’s several songs that are Black Moon legendary jams that are absolutely absent from any printing of this album; Joints like chilly “6 Feet Deep” and the remixes to “Buck ‘Em Down” and “I Got U Opin”. The latter 2 were both presented to the public as singles from this album, sampled from 2 very popular 70’s soul songs, and resonate with all Hip-Hop listeners upon being played. They are usually the main 2 songs that get played whenever Black Moon is brought up or spun by a DJ and are cemented in hip-hop history. They are certified signifiers of Golden Era New York rap; Something that is glorified and idolized in today’s atmosphere.

That’s what this album is Classic for…It held down the Brooklyn spot on the map while Kane was being ousted and Biggie was still honing his craft. They single-handedly represented the entire boro and carried it, encapsulating the spirit and the sound of every hood in King’s County. I remember that feel from my cousins…40 Oz’s, fatigues, book bags, beepers, bats, boots, blunts, guns and Rastafarian culture. It’s Brownesville. It’s East New York. It’s Crown Heights. They were the voice.

As a classic album, it falls so short because they did almost nothing with that voice. All that power, and obviously, they didn’t realize they had it. 5ft constantly rapping about knocking niggas out, or shooting them, Buckshot as well – tho he tried to slip in some maturity on the later recordings. It’s mystifying to hear a guy reference the moon and the still of the night and ask you to “look into the eyes” as he uses a one-of-a-kind cadence to smoothly marry the beat and trance you and then on the next track, he and his partner gun-butt you to death with rah-rah. There’s not even a break here to talk to the ladies! Even Onyx stopped the mad face invasion every now and then to delve into the pleasures of the ‘P’. There’s absolutely no social commentary here or shift of gears. Every song is pretty much about the same thing, and in effect, while the album captures the sound of Brooklyn in that era, it doesn’t take you to Brooklyn. You don’t leave track 14 feeling like you went anywhere but down a trip to memory lane. The time that elapsed between the different recordings is so evident, I could swear you hear them shouting out the years ’91 and ’92 on one or more song . If you like just reliving the Golden Era, then by all means, go ahead…But this is another case of an album being a Classic just because of the memories attached to it.

Having that said, my favorite tracks from the actual album are the original “Buck Em Down”, “Shit Iz Real”, “Slave”

and the song with one of the Dopest beats, titles and scratches ever in rap; “How Many M.C.’s” 

Overall, this album gets 4 Candles out of a possible

4812 or 16.

4(Classic Just because where it stands in Hip-Hop, whether it be the time of it’s release, it’s influence, or the popularity of it’s singles overall)

8(Classic because it was solid for it’s time, but may be a little dated or less than amazing by today’s standards)

12(Classic as a complete release and probably celebrated widely on the surface, but possibly lacking one key element – be it one song that doesn’t fit, a wack guest appearance, lyrics, lack of depth or beats)

16(Classic all around)

If I could give this album 2 Candles I would because it’s always going to be a Classic, but when you match it up to let’s say another Classic from the same time period such as Illmatic, it just doesn’t seem fair now does it?

Ho Ho Hos! – *Christmas Crush Alot* – Pornstars Need Love Too!

Hmmnnn…Now how do I start this one without sounding like a perv??

Maybe I’m gonna bite the bullet this time because there really is no way not to sound like one.

Just the other day, I was talking to my boy Komp’L about how the look of uhhmm…Adult Performers has changed almost dramatically since we were young. True enough, the porn stars today are a far cry from those greased up, beady haired, furry butterfaces that you stumbled across when you snuck through your uncle’s VHS stash. Even in print. Instead of rough, cock-eyed, fat-black-and-nasty or orange-skinned women who you wouldn’t find a hard time imagining how they ended up in Porn, you have Could-be video vixens and playmates gracing the pages of Hustler and the like.

Now, as a non porn-collecting dude, I could be wrong. Perhaps I’ve missed out on decades worth of beautiful women slutting it out professionally because I’ve never bought any magazines to hide under my bed, or borrowed anybody’s dvds, or subscribed to any smut sites. And maybe it’s because of my lack of history, that I believe the glamorous ho’s I’ve been seeing in the last 5 years to be something new.

See, unlike my more sleazy brethren, I only started watching Pornography as an adult in my efforts to become better in bed. I was just starting out and wanted to compare my moves and staying power to that of a quote unquote pro. It didn’t really help me, except to confirm that I was on the right track anyway, but the girl I was with was really turned on by the flicks, so we would leave them on as we went in. It wasn’t until 2 years later when I lived with one of my producers who had a ridiculous collection on his computer that I got a glimpse of how pretty some of these chics in the flicks were.

The original fly girl being Tera Patrick, but the first to catch my eye was Ms. Nyomi Banxx; an almost-Amazon with a flawless Chocolate complexion and light contacts who’s a mix of Naomi Campbell and someone unreal like Storm from the X-Men. That’s the only fair comparison to make. She’s a Black Wonder Woman.

Also, keeping in mind that this broad is older than the average porn chic who is usually 19, she looks like the mother you’d mush the daughter out of the way for…With not one stretchmark. Even her fake boobs look pretty realistic.

Somewhere down the line, I came across Lily Thai, a Filipino (go figure) with a perfect natural body. She’s just plain pretty. Firm, with a nice smile and glazed skin. I guess it’d be TMI to mention that she squirts huh?

It gets more sentimental for me…

There’s one named Michelle Tucker, another natural chic who’s rumored to have attended my College Alma Mater (tho I wouldn’t claim that). But this chic looks just like my O.G. crush Holly Robinson, but with all the youth and thickness that most men would wish she had. She’s around-the-way-girl pretty, but still too damn pretty to be doing porn. That is… Until you notice the HUGE tatoo of the African Continent taking up her whole ass-cheek. Then it all makes sense…

Then there’s Jenaveve Jolie, who looks like she could be Sophia Vergara‘s bad sister. She’s photogenic and sultry.                       

Ryaan Reynolds, not to be confused with the Canadian dude who just lost Scarlett Johansenn as a wife and probably wants to die because of that, is a mixed dream. A tan, big-breasted starlet, this half Black, half Asian is a step above because she carries her curves like a slimmer chic and looks like someone you just had class with.

Rounding out my top 3, Amber Easton kind of mirrors her White porn star counterparts; with a fake Barbie-like look that’s almost so unreal its boring, but her face is undeniably beautiful. With a ridiculous body too. Damn, maybe she is almost perfect.

And to close out the Hands down prettiest chics I’ve ever seen in Porn are Alanna Lee and Evanni Solei. They are just Gorgeous from head to toe. Like, these would be my girlfriends in real life if they didn’t do what they do. Sheeeiiiitttt, they don’t even look like they do what they do! 2 amazing shades of brown, 2 perfect shapes and 2 sweet faces. It’s all about the Lips…

Still, the question remains as to what would make such pretty women dive into a business that puts on no heirs about its exploitative nature. Unlike stripping, where the locations are referred to as Gentlemen’s clubs with strict guidelines and present the women as Star attractions, or escort services that offer the company of pretty young women, Porn blatantly demeans women in each aspect. With titles like ‘Big Booty Bitches‘ and ‘Cum-Guzzling Whores‘, One ex performer would have a hard time explaining that to her future children. And that thought alone is a frightful one. I don’t even want to think about that possibility – not to mention all of the augmentation done to those bodies. If you notice, I highlighted mostly those with natural bodies (as if that makes something better). Keep in mind, this post was about the prettiest porn stars I’ve seen, not the Baddest. But really, I can’t be trippin’…These porn stars today are not looking like those old school ones. They’re the girl we would holler at, try to marry or fantasize about in a good way. They’re our Top Model rejects and chem lab crushes. None of these females are ditzy bimbo types either. If you ever took the time to listen to them speak ( who actually does that?), you’ll hear articulation and wit before they get on their knees. So now it begs the question, where are they finding these girls?? What would make such pretty chics go down that path? We’re used to hearing the stripper/porn theories of sexually abused girls with low self-esteem and Daddy issues, and for the most part, this holds true. Yet there’s so many Beautiful ones, can that be the case for all of them?? Or have we just become that openly sexualized and desensitized as a society that this life seems glamorous  to young women?? I say that, then I think of all the young girls I know that want to try out for The Bad Girls Club. And that’s just 1 and a half steps above. Even scarier, are all the chics I know out there who do what these performers do for free. At least these hos get paid.

So here’s a toast to you money-making sexpots who I mentioned.

You all are my Christmas Crush!

Hot 16…Or More… “WANT THAT”

Another installment.

Like I said in last month’s post, I can’t get as intricate as Jay-Z did in his Decoded memoir, but follow the spaces, italics and emboldened letters to see where my points are emphasized.

This excerpt is actually the entire set of verses and the hook from the track which appears as number 2 on my very first mixtape released as a solo artist, The Crazy 8’s. It’s titled “Want That” and was instantly a favorite among listeners and always has been. It’s actually a song that I wrote in 2003 when I ventured out on my boy Terence, The Politician‘s equipment to record myself for the first time. With nothing but alot of free time on my hands, I was determined to make a collection of songs that showcased every side of my 2003 self and finally hear my voice on a fully recorded project. I used some of his original beats, some industry beats and even spliced some of both together with my limited knowledge of the programs at my disposal. I sat there, day after day, and wrote, recorded and edited everything myself. I still have that collection. The subject song of last month’s post, “Talkin’ Bout” actually spawned from that collection as well. I sharpened punchlines there, tried my very first singing track, vented about the chic I was dealing with, and tried to come to an understanding with my Father and my little sister, all on the same 17 song compilation. Who knows how many didn’t make it! But I vividly remember the inception of this track…I wanted to make something effortlesly catchy, but I wanted to rap in a revolutionary way that hadn’t been heard before. Or at least not heard too often. I spent that summer looking up this artist that Timbaland was supposed to be bringing out. Her promo material was everywhere on the net at the time. She was a singer named Kiley Dean; a White girl with a soulful voice who was poised to fill in the void left by Aaliyah the year before. Why she never really saw the light of day, I don’t know…But the musical backdrops that Tim was providing her made the perfect candidates for beat jacking. He had the usual Timbo r&b fanfare, a 50’s inspired tune, even one that borrowed from a Jay-Z song that he produced. But nothing hit me more than this guitar and violin based beat that sounded like nothing I heard before from her song “Keep It Movin'”. I loved what Kiley did to it as a song, and I found a way to loop it immediately. The rhythm actually lead me to flow the way that I did, on top of my predetermined mission to flow super creatively, so ….Mission accomplished. I wound up coming up with the hook first, which lead me to write a song which centers around a story of me pursuing a woman who’s playing hard to get. It goes into the delicacies of seduction, mutual attraction and respect. This one is not as full of complex rethorical devices as some of the other entries…I wrote it down more so because I want you to be able to follow the words that may get lost in the speed or delivery of the flow.

And with no further adieu, I give you

“Want That”

“Maybe it’s just your size,

the way you shape out those jeans,

that make me just want your thighs, and everything in between.

And I ain’t one of those guys, who cannot say what they mean,

but when you talk with your eyes, I cannot say what they meeaaannnnn – Leaning…

I’m tilting – you walking away,

feeling so awkward – I play stupid, cause Cupid must’ve been sick,

or just off for the day.

Cause you ain’t lookin’ in my direction,

except to ask for directions,

I think you lackin’ direction.

So let me pass the suggestion,

I start by asking the question; (How you Doing?),

Your reaction was so, Passive aggressive.

No need for talking out your neck,

if that’s too much of a question, we can act like we never met then.

But then you turn and do something so unexpected,

We conversate but then end doing some sex shit!

So now I’m back to just leaning,

because you back up and leaving,

a nigga backed-up

-I’m fienin’ to lean your back up…

Against the wall,

you say it won’t be too long – and I’m,

tryin’a be strong, but my back’s against the wall.

So I’m waiting,

excersizing my patience,

but you being inconsiderate with all of this time that you takin’.

You say it’s all up in my mind – sayin’ ‘haste makes waste‘,

I can fall on my behind and misplace my face.

Girl I hate the pace, that you movin’ – But still…

It makes me laugh, cause I know what your doin’ – now do it!


Stop what your doin’ cause when you do what you do – it makes me want that,

I should persue it, but somethin’ tell me that you don’t really want that!

What, you want me to play it….


You wanna have me when you’re ready but not too soon,

So I listen to what you tellin’ me not to do,

and I just follow, and I try not to break the rules.

You -say -what -you -wont -but -you -do -it -and -do -what -you -say -but -you -say -what -you -don’t -do!

So how you expecting a nigga to follow whatever the way he’s supposed to?? You know you’re hopeful,

that I hold you close, and go through all the motions…

But look here, you’re holding on to

– that,

Golden Rule, that the old folks use that says;

‘don’t give it up, til you know your cue’.

Stay on your,

toes and Q’s and your P’s and O’s,

and O.P.P.’s – Don’t leave nothin’ exposed.

So when we get heated I unbutton your clothes,


you got your own reasons so that’s why you say ‘no!’ – and I know…

I know we just met…

But somethin’ about you spells sex,

your lips say ‘Hell Yes!’

-And I know…

You won’t be happy til you covered in sweat – so mami…

Let’s hit the covers and rest – that’s when you jump up and step,

and put a brother in check,

like ‘ain’t ya mama ever taught you respect?!’,

I say yes,

but see, as a man-I got needs!

It’s not in my plans to fold up my hands and twiddle my thumbs,

I’m finna fuck,

You gettin’ me up, til you get enough, you giving me up!

And then I’m like



I do?

To make you not wanna do,

what it is you wanna do!

And I’m a nigga that’s full of patience…

But it don’t change the fact I’m anxious,

told me wait – but -I’m -afraid -I -might -end -up -with -my -dick -up -in -a -bunch -of -other chics’ waists – but wait Miss!!!

My mistake…

The dangers,

of strangers – they be Callin’! (Callin’!)

See with you, it’s safer, but you stallin’! (Stallin’!),

I ain’t too much in favor of this nonsense! (nonsense!).

But I’mma play it your way,

cause even tho I’m complaining, I’ll respect you much more in the morning!”

Hope you learned something…

You can download this song by clicking below on the cover to the original mixtape where it’s featured. 

“THOR” Stans want Idris Elba out!!!(Trailer included) – Purists or Racists?

I know I’m SUPER late on this, But I’m SUPER excited because it’s another SUPERhero movie from the house that Stan Lee Built!

And don’t you just LOVE all of the controversy that has stirred over the past week stemming from the Council Of Conservative Citizens push for a boycott of the film due to the casting of Idris Elba??!

This is great! I first heard the murmurs of dissatisfaction when he was announced as a supporting character back in the early summer. The nerds cried for text accuracy. Some historical purists pointed out how him being a Black man wouldn’t make sense in a film based on Norse European Mythology. And sure, I’ve heard this before…When they casted Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, when Michael Clarke Duncan played The Kingpen in DareDevil. But this….This takes it to a whole OTHER Level!! Someone even went as far on the Superhero movie boards as to suggest that Blacks would be in an uproar if an essential character such as Storm (From X-Men Fame) was cast as a White woman. Of course that would happen! That’s a Primary character! And after a whole Century of almost non-existent representation in Science-fiction, Blockbuster film history and especially HERO-DOM, Can the Negroes please get a piece of the pie?? Can we have young Black children seeing someone who looks like themselves on screen saving the day without talking Jive?? Can we have children of other races hanging up posters with faces unlike theirs as we have done for decades? How dare Marvel aim to diversify it’s character spectrum and broaden it’s audience by changing one side character?? The nerve. Now the whole movie is ruined. Maybe this is how I felt watching The Last Airbender, – when they switched all of the lead Asian characters for White kids. Maybe I should round up my Grandma and all of my Asian friends to protest that now that it’s on DVD.

If anything, be glad that they cast Idris in it – if for no other reason than the fact that next to that Blonde guy playing Thor, and the way chics seem to go gaga over him, you won’t have to drag your girl to this film because she will willingly go.

The AVENGERS are on their way….

Mississippi Hanging leaves divided opinions…Suicide or Modern Day lynching??

Sorry for the graphic imagery, but….Since we were on the subject of News,

I know this is weeks old, but I couldn’t leave this one alone because I guarantee most of you have not even heard of this happening.

Earlier this month, the body of 26 year old Frederick Jermaine Carter was found hanging from a tree in Greenwood, Mississippi and ruled a suicide on December 8th after an autopsy. Statements released from the coroner’s office state that there was no evidence of foul play, but the Black community – most notably within Mississippi and the NAACP, is highly skeptical.

Both sides have their logic. I mean the job of a coroner is to determine the cause of death and deduce the possible time of death and elements and factors involved by bodily analysis. These are trained professionals who deal with this day in and day out and are hired to come to a reliable conclusion which most accept as the final word on a death.

Then you have to take into account that this young man was from Sunflower MS., and that the North Greenwood neighborhood where he was found is known for being a predominantly White area. Also, he was in the middle of painting a building with his stepfather, then he just wandered off – which he is said to have often done – even as far as to other states. That may be attributed to what those close to him are describing as a mental illness (tho which illness has yet to be named). Supposedly, he was on medication. Lastly, a tree is still a tree, and imagery of  a Black man hanging from one in the same county as the infamous and historical Emmit Till lynching, in the same state responsible for the most lynchings ever is going to stir controversy under any circumstance.

What’s your take on this?

*New Column* “NEGROES IN THE NEWS” – Dawn Hill gets Face Time, G-Dep gets Jail Time!

This is going to be a new monthly segment of the blog entitled Negroes in The News. I think it’s apropro considering how often we make it into the pages and headlines of your local news provider.

What I’ll be doing to counter-balance the overwhelming influx of negative Negro news is highlighting both the good and the bad that I feel deserve light. For every crazy story being told, there’s always an uplifting and positive one to be brought to the forefront.

We’ll set things off with 2 stories from this weekend. Bad news first…

I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard the story that the internets have been buzzing about concerning  rapper and fellow Harlem Representative G-Dep‘s recent interview with Miss Drama and his confession to a 17 Year-old murder. If not, then please read the full story here


To make this part literally bad news, his story was told to the New York Post.

The tragedy of the tale is compounded by his admission to his failed rap career and his struggle with extreme drug addiction. Both of which, he describes in the interview here;

15 Minutes of Fame indeed…

On a brighter note, the good news is just as literal, as it is from what many consider the best news in America – the New York Times.

Featured here is my fellow HU Bison, Ms. Dawn Hill.

I had the pleasure of meeting ms. Hill a few months back this summer at my job and she’s definitely got spirit and ambition. A true Aries and a true Midwest girl, Dawn works the boards for 2 stations, most notably on Egypt‘s afternoon show on New York’s WBLS. The fact that her story is being shared with millions via the world reknown Times is not something to be taken lightly. We should all take a cue about following our dreams and mapping our goals out from this young lady.

Read about this Move-Maker here; http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/16/nyregion/16entry.html?_r=1&src=twr

I’m sad and proud at the same time. I was rooting for Dep back when I heard he may be making a comeback and was unaware of how deep his issues were. I’m motivated by Dawn.

That’s this month’s segment. Let’s see what the future brings us.

New Classic Material by World B. Free, Mr. Hawkins & 6 Chamber Productions! *Video* “WHAT YOU WANT”

Fresh off of the Super Successful and inspiring Soul Brother Reunion Show this past Saturday, I got a special bonus from my Fellow HU alum and all around dope rapper World B. Free, featuring the man behind the Soul Brothers show himself – Mr. Fred Hawkins.

The best part, besides this being one of my favorite rap tracks made by someone I know, is that the video feels like a movie trailer, and it’s made by the film team that I helped break in; 6 Chamber productions. The men behind the lens, Marvin Redhead and Kai Holmes are some of the toughest Grinders I’ve ever met in this business. I’ve worked with them on 5 videos and have seen these guys quit their jobs for this! This video is apart of their “Nothing But Love” Campaign and they only get better with each piece.

I’ll have some footage from the show coming soon, but in the meantime – check all 3 of these talented acts out at their respective sites;





*SOUL BROTHERS Reunion Show ft. MALIK-16!! Tomorrow!!!*

Be There, Or Be Square….

NIGHT CATCHES US – A Movie You NEED to see!!

I’m Just coming back from seeing this movie – which I made it a POINT to do and became quite the mission for me this week, and I must say that Iam really appalled that this Critically acclaimed and award-winning film was not promoted or given half of a chance. It’s a great independent with a great cast and great performances by everyone included.

Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington‘s chemistry on film is dynamic, but it’s young actress, Jamara Griffin, that delivers the most layered performance and debut from a young actor since Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. There’s several familiar faces that appear here with a soul-heavy soundtrack and score provided by the legendary Roots Crew. Check the trailer and this review and synopsis from the New York Times http://movies.nytimes.com/2010/12/03/movies/03night.html

As it was only viewable in about 3 theatres in New York since December 3rd and was pulled out of the so-called ‘Black theatre’ (Magic Johnson’s AMC in Harlem), it’s only showing in one theatre for one more night only. The theatre, Cinema Village on 12th street, will be holding 5 showtimes; with the last show at 9:05 Thursday Night, December 16th.

If you take nothing more from this film than to spark conversation or the want to go back into your Black History books, then that is a victory in itself for the makers of this movie. It Should be celebrated for its introspection and softness. It’s a refreshing take on Black issues that doesn’t force Black issues in your face. No message. No cliché. Just the humanity of choices. It’s a subtle film, and I urge you all to catch it on its last night before the night catches up.

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