And The Band Plays On…

To Close out this World AIDS Day today,

I’ll leave you with this article from Reuters that goes into recent declarations of a decline in the spread of HIV and AIDS across the globe.

The reports show numbers that have dropped significantly over the last few years, even between this year and last. Even in major areas like Sub-Saharan Africa – which has been the most hard hit region of the world. The Write-up goes as far as to quote a specialist stating that we’re seeing a beginning in the reversal of the epidemic.

Of course, the questions and concerns that get raised from this are whether this means there will be a subsequent slow-down of funding for continuing research and medication for those still living with the effects of the disease.

I hope you are always inspired to do your own part and any other part you can do to further the education on this monster and be a helpful component in the fight against it. At the top of this year, I chose to buy a RED product (an iPod) as a small step. Let’s see what Next year brings…

Be Safe. And peace to those extra strong of you making each day count.

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