Opportunity Knocks, Sek-Won Breaks!!…New Instrumental Album

It’s the First of the Month.

And what better way to set things off than with a New release by my boy, Super-Producer Sek-Won??!

The project is titled Breaking Down Doors and you can sample it here…http://sekwon.bandcamp.com/album/sekwon-breakingdowndoors

This is the sophmore follow-up to his first album of beats, Earn A Name, and sees him reaching a point of refinement in his career as both a producer and album-maker. There seems to be a clean and clear point being made here. He lets the beats ride out with purpose and brings you into the identity of each one. Sure, there’s some repetition in the sounds he chooses, and with titles like “All Ya’ll Dumb Fucks Get Punished”, there is no denying that this is a Sek-Won project, made by Sek-Won. He puts his personality into his work and it shows. He can’t help it. He’s a kid straight from Washington Heights raised off salsa and underground NY Hip-Hop in it’s rawest form. You can hear his influences from tracks like “El Bochinche” to “Ma Rhumba”.

My favorite track is “Back At It Again”. Don’t be surprised if  you hear me make a banger over that one! I’m proud of my fellow former Group member from my defunct crew, The Balance. He’s Breaking Down Doors for sure…Just don’t stand in the way.

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