2 Brooklyn kids become D.A.s Thanks to Hip-Hop!

I caught wind of this earlier today on NY1 and it made me smile. I thought, ‘man, how cool is this?!’.

2 Fifth Graders, young Naiman St. Phard and Jeremiah Hyde were named this morning as the Winners of the Brooklyn Legal Lives program’s Anti-Bullying video contest. The Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hynes made the announcement and awarded the two youngsters the honor of being D.A.s for a day, stating,

“Unfortunately, bullying occurs on a daily basis in schools and schoolyards throughout the borough. Sometimes these cases escalate to assaults. It is important to recognize that children who are bullied experience real suffering that can interfere with their social and emotional development, as well as their school performance. In some severe cases, it may even lead to suicide. My staff is taking a proactive approach to bullying in schools and in the community so that we can put an end to this senseless behavior,” said District Attorney Hynes. “Congratulations to Nairan St. Phard and Jeremiah Hyde on their creativity and dedication to stopping bullying.”

Legal Lives is a program that was developed in an effort to prevent juvenile delinquency, utilizing group discussions and role playing. Much like the anti drug programs like D.A.R.E. that kids like me in New York public Schools grew up on, officials are brought into classrooms to educate students about the law and how it affects their lives. This one is specifically aimed at 5th Graders and reaches around 60,000 students. The bullying lesson plan was recently initiated in response to the rise of bullying related crimes and deaths.

One of the first such components of this rollout plan was the video contest which challenged students to make creative responses to the bullying threat. The two boys Naiman and Jeremiah chose to rap in their video, with one even providing the Beatboxing. You can see it here

You should have seen these 2 guys as they accepted their reward at the press conference; full of personality and charisma. They were loving the spotlight. Straight new York, Straight Brooklyn boys. I immediately was taken back to my days between 3rd and 6th grade, Doing the same exact thing – writing themed raps and performing them with my class friends who would beatbox and usually winning whatever the contest was. But this is something to be proud of. This is a moment. This is quite a big deal – a little beyond a certificate or a $10 bill. This is an invaluable experience for these young men and I hope they understand the gravity of it.

Shout outs to these 2 for taking a vested interest in their education and keeping the spirit of Hip-Hop alive all at the same time.


  1. Hi, I am Nairan and Jeremiah’s teacher. From March on I teach rhyme and beat with limericks in March, rhyming stories and the contest pushed us to rhyme for a reason and truly use our rhymes and beats to speak out about bullying. If you liked Nairan and Jeremiah, check out the rest of my videos for this contest at MrsGBerretta on youtube.com. In particular there is a video where Nairan established a beat for Devon’s rap which has this great line, “you think you on top, you think you cool?” Additionally, Nairan has a solo beatless rap on the subject as well. Enjoy and thanks for writing about two amazing young men. Imagine they were educated in a NYC Public School?

  2. Thank you for Reading my post.I was going to check out a few of the other vids, so I’ll go back and do that. It means alot hearing from you and it’s much appreciated. I have a huge respect for educators within the public school system, so please continue the great work!

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