NYC Transit Ads get Bloody and Pissy for your Health!!

If any of you are NY Transit strap-hangers like I have become within the last year, you might notice a string of new Bold public service ads appearing around Train stations and bus stops.

This Year, the New York State Health Department is targeting Binge Drinking and excessive alcohol consumption during the holiday season, and the approach is in-your-face. 2 ads have surfaced, one showing a man bruised up from what’s alluded to be a fight that occured as a result of reckless drinking. The other depicts a woman so far gone that she’s slumped over a rail after what seems to be a wild night of partying.

Anyone who knows me knows of the paradoxical life I lead as a bartender by day who absolutely hates alcohol and what it does. I personally believe that it is thee WORST drug out there and leads to so much destructive activity, to self, and others. What makes it so dangerous is that it is so much apart of metropolitan and American culture, and so woven into socialization and readily available that it’s nature and effects tend to get downplayed. Watching Drunk people around me made me never want to get drunk. Think of all the times you’ve passed your limit and the stupid stuff you’ve done and the horrible way your body felt afterward. All for what?

Keep that in mind this season as you roll past these ads on your commute and on your way to that party for that fun night. These ads talk to New Yorkers the way New Yorkers are so supposed to be talked to; Direct, Blunt and Vivid. What do you guys think of them?

Salud! And Be Safe this year…


  1. So many people have drinking problems it’s sad. We’re at the point in society where people feel like they can’t even socialize unless they’re drunk and then they get so sloppy that no one wants to be around them. I never understood people who drink to the point of blacking out or doing something severe, or have hang over the next morning yet they continue to go past their limit. It’s sad.

  2. Its sad. I once went home with this chick i just meet, but instead of hitting, i watched trow up wile getting out the cab… I told the driver to wait as I made sure she got inside her house. then I jumped back in the cab, erased her number out me phone and had the driver drop me back off at the club!

    2 drinks ago… she would have had the night of her life


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