Ho Ho Hos! – *Christmas Crush Alot* – Pornstars Need Love Too!

Hmmnnn…Now how do I start this one without sounding like a perv??

Maybe I’m gonna bite the bullet this time because there really is no way not to sound like one.

Just the other day, I was talking to my boy Komp’L about how the look of uhhmm…Adult Performers has changed almost dramatically since we were young. True enough, the porn stars today are a far cry from those greased up, beady haired, furry butterfaces that you stumbled across when you snuck through your uncle’s VHS stash. Even in print. Instead of rough, cock-eyed, fat-black-and-nasty or orange-skinned women who you wouldn’t find a hard time imagining how they ended up in Porn, you have Could-be video vixens and playmates gracing the pages of Hustler and the like.

Now, as a non porn-collecting dude, I could be wrong. Perhaps I’ve missed out on decades worth of beautiful women slutting it out professionally because I’ve never bought any magazines to hide under my bed, or borrowed anybody’s dvds, or subscribed to any smut sites. And maybe it’s because of my lack of history, that I believe the glamorous ho’s I’ve been seeing in the last 5 years to be something new.

See, unlike my more sleazy brethren, I only started watching Pornography as an adult in my efforts to become better in bed. I was just starting out and wanted to compare my moves and staying power to that of a quote unquote pro. It didn’t really help me, except to confirm that I was on the right track anyway, but the girl I was with was really turned on by the flicks, so we would leave them on as we went in. It wasn’t until 2 years later when I lived with one of my producers who had a ridiculous collection on his computer that I got a glimpse of how pretty some of these chics in the flicks were.

The original fly girl being Tera Patrick, but the first to catch my eye was Ms. Nyomi Banxx; an almost-Amazon with a flawless Chocolate complexion and light contacts who’s a mix of Naomi Campbell and someone unreal like Storm from the X-Men. That’s the only fair comparison to make. She’s a Black Wonder Woman.

Also, keeping in mind that this broad is older than the average porn chic who is usually 19, she looks like the mother you’d mush the daughter out of the way for…With not one stretchmark. Even her fake boobs look pretty realistic.

Somewhere down the line, I came across Lily Thai, a Filipino (go figure) with a perfect natural body. She’s just plain pretty. Firm, with a nice smile and glazed skin. I guess it’d be TMI to mention that she squirts huh?

It gets more sentimental for me…

There’s one named Michelle Tucker, another natural chic who’s rumored to have attended my College Alma Mater (tho I wouldn’t claim that). But this chic looks just like my O.G. crush Holly Robinson, but with all the youth and thickness that most men would wish she had. She’s around-the-way-girl pretty, but still too damn pretty to be doing porn. That is… Until you notice the HUGE tatoo of the African Continent taking up her whole ass-cheek. Then it all makes sense…

Then there’s Jenaveve Jolie, who looks like she could be Sophia Vergara‘s bad sister. She’s photogenic and sultry.                       

Ryaan Reynolds, not to be confused with the Canadian dude who just lost Scarlett Johansenn as a wife and probably wants to die because of that, is a mixed dream. A tan, big-breasted starlet, this half Black, half Asian is a step above because she carries her curves like a slimmer chic and looks like someone you just had class with.

Rounding out my top 3, Amber Easton kind of mirrors her White porn star counterparts; with a fake Barbie-like look that’s almost so unreal its boring, but her face is undeniably beautiful. With a ridiculous body too. Damn, maybe she is almost perfect.

And to close out the Hands down prettiest chics I’ve ever seen in Porn are Alanna Lee and Evanni Solei. They are just Gorgeous from head to toe. Like, these would be my girlfriends in real life if they didn’t do what they do. Sheeeiiiitttt, they don’t even look like they do what they do! 2 amazing shades of brown, 2 perfect shapes and 2 sweet faces. It’s all about the Lips…

Still, the question remains as to what would make such pretty women dive into a business that puts on no heirs about its exploitative nature. Unlike stripping, where the locations are referred to as Gentlemen’s clubs with strict guidelines and present the women as Star attractions, or escort services that offer the company of pretty young women, Porn blatantly demeans women in each aspect. With titles like ‘Big Booty Bitches‘ and ‘Cum-Guzzling Whores‘, One ex performer would have a hard time explaining that to her future children. And that thought alone is a frightful one. I don’t even want to think about that possibility – not to mention all of the augmentation done to those bodies. If you notice, I highlighted mostly those with natural bodies (as if that makes something better). Keep in mind, this post was about the prettiest porn stars I’ve seen, not the Baddest. But really, I can’t be trippin’…These porn stars today are not looking like those old school ones. They’re the girl we would holler at, try to marry or fantasize about in a good way. They’re our Top Model rejects and chem lab crushes. None of these females are ditzy bimbo types either. If you ever took the time to listen to them speak ( who actually does that?), you’ll hear articulation and wit before they get on their knees. So now it begs the question, where are they finding these girls?? What would make such pretty chics go down that path? We’re used to hearing the stripper/porn theories of sexually abused girls with low self-esteem and Daddy issues, and for the most part, this holds true. Yet there’s so many Beautiful ones, can that be the case for all of them?? Or have we just become that openly sexualized and desensitized as a society that this life seems glamorous  to young women?? I say that, then I think of all the young girls I know that want to try out for The Bad Girls Club. And that’s just 1 and a half steps above. Even scarier, are all the chics I know out there who do what these performers do for free. At least these hos get paid.

So here’s a toast to you money-making sexpots who I mentioned.

You all are my Christmas Crush!

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  1. Ummmm….interesting perspective…..ok and Merry Christmas.

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