Jasmine Sullivan is NOT Lauryn Hill…Or A Robot…

On the flip side of the 7 day Lauryn Hill ego-invasion of NYC and massive alienation of the remaining fans from the generation who actually remember her (ahem), the internets were all abuzz after rising diva, Jasmine Sullivan announced a possible retirement.

Let’s not be dramatic. It was more of her declaring to take a break from the business, as artists do and need to sometimes. She made the announcement via Twitter, posting this;

“I promised myself that when it wasn’t fun anymore i wouldn’t do it. and here i am. i’m not saying i wont ever sing again in my life becuz i dont believe that. but in this moment… rt now… i got some things to figure out,” she went on explaining her retirement decision before thanking fans for their support. “I love you all and appreciate u soooooo much.”

“U have no idea how much u’ve inspired me and fed my ego. but the truth is that i have to believe in me whether you all do or not. and thats what i’m lookin for. that belief in myself. me. I. i love us. thanks for being here for me and riding with me on this journey. let us continue.”

Not unlike Celine Dion, who took a break from music in 1999, Jasmine seemed to be stating that she’s taking a step back. However, what has been causing a stir and much debate is that UNLIKE Celine Dion, Sullivan hasn’t made any major pop chart noise, is not a household name, and has just released her second album. So you could imagine the responses ranging from accusations of the statements being a gimmick to help the sales and draw attention to herself, to criticisms of her being too weak to hack it as a star artist in this dog-eat-dog industry.

I guess it doesn’t help that the following day, she deleted the tweets, adding more fuel to the fire of doubters and those who feel that she has some nerve.

She tweeted afterwards that she’s “Just switching things up a bit till i get it right. now kanye… thats who we should have a prayer circle for. Lolol.”

Truer words have not been spoken. Did I mention how much I Love this chic??!

This is not some Kid Cudi, cocaine-induced sulk-fest where he exclaimed that he was quitting the biz before even dropping his first album. As a songwriter first who has worked with dozens of notable artists, been mentored by Missy Elliot and hand picked by Clive Davis, believe that Jasmine’s seen her share of what the game has to offer. So whatever drove her twitter catharsis, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. And if she does follow thru on her words, it’ll be a landmark move for modern artists in this question-mark musical climate that would make others take a hard look at why we do what we do. Especially considering that her last single had burned up the urban charts all summer and fall (although it is more formulaic than her previous work). So she’s far from a flop or failing artist.

At the time of the buzz over these statements, a song of hers surfaced called “I’m not a robot” which can be gathered to be an insinuation of her feelings towards things right now. You can hear that here http://soundcloud.com/boomtunes/jazmine-sullivan-im-not-a-robot

See, there’s a difference between being honest with your fans and being arrogant with them. Lauryn can take a lesson from this young buck who’s still in her 20’s.

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