Erica Hubba-Hubbard!


Can you fall in Love with someone you never saw or met in real life?  That’s a question you’ve heard before, but for the sake of conversation, let’s say I’m being semi-serious here.

See, Ms. Hubbard has a certain…Familiarity to her that conjures up an attraction that’s a tad stronger than my average crush.

I should have had my eye open since Save The Last Dance, even Akeelah & The Bee, but Erica wasn’t in my scope until I caught glimpses of the show Lincoln Heights a few years back. And logically so, given the fact that she looks like 2 different girls from my dating stream within the last 3 years, this would explain why she resonates with me now.

This tenacious actress is like an inviting version of one of my most not-nice chics. Her smile is warm. Her eyes are soft. Her shape is right in all the right places. Everything about her shouts Black Girl fine. Plus she’s From my favorite city away from home, a true Chi-town chic who reps often and gives back even tho her star is still inching up. 

Now, Most Chicago chics I know are super sassy and super freaky, so I’ll let my imagination work in favor of ms. Hubbard, but something tells me due to her humble and poised demeanor, that if that is the case, she knows how to keep it confined to one special place and doesn’t reek of sexual energy (Take notes LisaRaye). She sure doesn’t mind letting photographers take gratuitous backshots of her tho. Do a quick image search of her and you will find that not only are most of her pictures from red carpets, but a good portion of them are backshots with Erica not poking her ass out, but it just being that damn supple that it simply looks that way. So while she may not be doing any nude scenes anytime soon, this former Noxzema model is definitely not afraid to flirt with the camera a little bit.

I’m sure she’ll be playing up that side alot more in her debut role tonight on BET‘s latest attempt at original comedic programming, Let’s Stay Together where she plays the only single character, the fiesty Kita. This will also be her first major role as an adult character.

It takes some kind of beauty for someone born in 1979 to have made her career off of playing teenage roles. It says alot. And I’m saying that her familiar features definitely don’t scare me away. In fact, I’m driven in a bit closer by it. So as much as I hate watching BET series, I’ll be catching the premiere because

Erica Hubbard,


are My New Crush!

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  1. I was wondering who this girl was, and I watched the premiere and saw her umm…”assets” and wanted to know more. Sure enough, you were ahead of the game Mr. 16

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