Purse Snatchers?? Really Tho?!

There’s not even a need to give these clowns anymore light.

Just click on this link http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local/long_island&id=7904814

Perhaps this is the reason why folks are running around parading as Superheroes like those I highlighted in the last post.

I know the recession has effected lots of environments and people in a multitude of ways. One of these ways I’ve noticed has been in a resurgence of petty crimes that I haven’t heard of since the late 80’s and early 90’s. It seems like every time I turn to the news there’s some report about these kinds of felonies and misdemeanors taking place. The alarming thing, and perhaps to compensate for the pettiness of these acts, is that they seem to be happening in waves and sprees. They occur serially and range from Gas station and convenience store hold-ups and subway assaults, to more serious offenses like cab driver robberies and murders, to building and park rapes. But this is a new low that’s actually an old low. Snatching purses from old ladies and knocking them down and busting them up??? WTF??!

What’s next? Stealing candy from babies?

Somebody call Phoenix Jones!


  1. This type of ignorant shit no longer surprises me; they couldn’t find a more profitable crime? This is why they created the castle clause. By the way I thought it was really funny that they called this shit a “violent crime spree”. Then the expert PI guy doesn’t even know whether they allocated Dics or blues for this bullshit. Why is this shit being covered when there’s a young girl missing in Baltimore who’s in danger and possibly dead at this point being neglected by the news.
    Last comment: that news lady’s hair extensions make her wig look big as shit. Take a second look…

  2. I meant PR not PI

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