Kerry Valentine’s Day!!!

Every now and then, I break what has become the norm for this Crush Alot segment of the blog and highlight a crush that I may have on a woman who is already super-famous for being drooled over and seemingly on everyone else’s top 10 list. But Cot-Dammit, this is Valentine’s Day! And furthermore, This is Kerry fuckin’ Washington! And I feel as tho I staked my claim to her looonggg before the Vogue and Maxim spreads and her becoming a household name and a face that the Whiteboys recognize and wouldn’t mind scoring with.

Her and my infatuation go back to the days of the film Push, and more firmly, after one of the few Spike Lee films that I like, She Hate Me. I like her so much that her name has come up in other Crush Alot posts featuring other women. She’s like that ex that you can’t forget. I feel almost too familiar with her…She’s a true New York City chic. An Aquarius – which is one of my favorite signs. I’ve watched her career blossom. I identify with Anthony Mackie in the films that they have done together and sometimes I feel like his characters in relation to her. This is my folly. In real life, I heard she has a mean case of Jungle Fever (that makes 3 of my crushes), and she smokes cigarettes – which is an immediate deal-breaker for me. And on top of all of that, she’s a Bronx girl. A No No.

Still, one is allowed to dream right? And all kinds of dreams occur with visions of Ms. Washington. What she perceivably brings to the table personality-wise is that effect that men love; That cool without conceit. That NYC realism without the harshness. Just the right touch of sexiness, and an awareness of it that she doesn’t overdo. Balance. That’s what she represents. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? 

Logically, as her star has risen, so has her glam. Although she has a knack for showing up wearing the same dresses as her star-studded peers and outdoing them, she’s now at the point where she is a Fashion darling and someone who the stylistas rave about. This is part of why she has become such a recognizable Black face. And what a face it is…

I get the appeal now. It took me a while to figure out why everyone else was dying over Kerry, because I’ve always known why I like her. But now I see her universal beauty; it’s simple…A silky skinned, Almond-Brown girl with a typically Anglo-Saxon face and symmetry, accented by Bold African Features. It’s in the shape of her face, the thinness of her nose, those are the safe parts. The mystique and lure lie in her pronounced Cheekbones and that super-sexual quality of permanently pursed lips made famous by Angelina Jolie and loved by men and lesbians all over the world!

All that is Dope, but I’ve always loved her for her eyes and the way she talks. Voice is one of those things that define femininity, and hers is one that is definite, direct, but seductive. She speaks as if she practiced for years to shed her Bronx accent under the veil of sounding proper. Her words are measured, slow, but have a sharpness to them. Of course, the way her lips move when delivering such words adds to that all. And her eyes are a beautiful shape. She bats them often which accentuates her super-girlish lashes. And the way they sit on top of those high cheeks just make them look like they were made for entrancing and trapping people in their gaze. That gaze is tricky tho; Half doe-eyed, half Vamp executing a compulsion. 

Make no mistake, Kerry is Beautiful, NOT Bad. She rests somewhere inbetween…too sexy to be just a cute queen, yet lacking the bodily dimensions to be a vixen. She was meant for Couture. And tho she’s been in videos (and directed as well), she’s far from a video girl. Her shape is great. It’s not exceptionally curvy and she’s not carrying any parts that protrude or present themselves before she does. But the total package is what you fantasize over…The way she carries it all….How she walks, how she wears those high fashion dresses, how she accessorizes. Her confidence makes up for any lack of  T n A. The aura of sensuality and sexuality that surrounds her is so thick that I want to take her to bed quicker than Kim Kardashian, who has all of the physical traits that I lust over. That characteristic is more of a commodity in the sack than D cups. 

Underneath it all, there’s that New Yorker there that just makes you want to cheer her on. Her look isn’t typical for Hollywood. She screams Black Girl despite her mix of features and appeal. She doesn’t have that ambiguos fair-skinned thing that Halle Berry or Selita Ebanks have. She is proud of her look and she wears it like anything else that she wears; Flawlessly! Maybe because she has that NY thing going on and looks like the kind of women that I have been smitten with off sight while perusing the city, I feel like I can just walk up to her and approach her like any average woman in the city. And she’s anything but average, but I just may do that one of these days…

So You,

Kerry Washington



  1. Word, I can’t seen myself meeting her and not trying to hit

  2. Truthfully, I wish she still looked like this. That was then, this is now. She’s looking like a drag queen these days.

    No donk, flat and way too thin for my taste. This is her at the Academy Awards Vanity Fair Party:

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