New Meagan Good produced film “Video Girl” & New Toni Braxton Reality series

I want to Love Black people, but ya’ll make it soo hard…

Nevertheless, it is Women’s History Month, and since these projects are coming up soon from 2 of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, why not?

First is a film brought to you by Meagan Good(e?)’s production company entitled Video Girl. Some believe it’s semi-auto-biographical. Whatever the case, it definitely is telling. It stars Meagan herself, as well as her sister and a thousand cameos.

Next up is yet another reality show to make Black folk cringe. The Braxtons certainly come off as a bunch of ghetto southern chics, so the only distinguishable factor separating this show from The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be that they are all related. The family dynamic makes it much more interesting and sensible, but the sisters easily make Toni look like the classiest Braxton. Next to them – especially her loud sister Tamar(remember this shot?), she looks like the first lady. Enjoy…

The positive that can be taken from both of these projects is that both women have put their careers into their own hands and given them a second wind. And while nothing here is exactly groundbreaking or uplifting, they have stepped up to the production plate. I know at least 3 young women who are going to be at a women in film seminar tonight, so in celebration of them and other women making moves in showbiz, Cheers!


  1. Ummmm…would you hate me if I told you I wanted a bootleg copy of Video Girl?? LOL!!

    Now Toni, well, I don’t even know what to say except all their faces look really weird and tight. Oh and yeah they look ghetto as all get out in that trailer. I’d rather preserve the image I have of Toni in my mind and not watch this possible trainwreck.

  2. Good Morning, My is Sean, I have written over 35 screenplay’s and I would one day like to work with Meagan Good or even sell some of my screenplays. my phone: 770-383-2641 e-mail: www. You would love some of them, I hope to hear from you.

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