Crush Alot Catalogue Pt. 1 – The Generation Xers (The Old Flames) *Women’s History Month Edition*

Since I brought up Toni, it makes sense to start off this portion of my 3-part Crush Alot post for the final 3 days of Women’s History Month with my fellow Libra.

This is the part dedicated to my in-between crushes…Those Generation Xers who were all the rage in the early 90’s and whom I’ve been holding a candle for since puberty. My love and lust for them may have waned a little over the years, and while they appear here collectively because they may not be individually Crush Alot worthy to me, I still recognize them as Bad.

So let’s get to Ms. Braxton

See that??

Yeah, ever since she chose to sex it up in attempt to fend off those nasty lesbian rumors after her debut (which nowadays would be more of a compliment than a career killer),  it’s almost as tho she got stuck on that mode. I knew she was too damn grown when she started parading around in white catsuits with weaves, but my eyes, and those of men across the world weren’t going to stop looking. I think it evidently damaged her career a little from the path that it was going. Although her biggest hit, “Unbreak My Heart” spawned from that second album and was a crossover smash, her first album was a pop, R&B and jazz smash! She was placed in a different echelon from her 90’s contemporaries from that point, with an ultimate launchpad from Babyface. It survived thru her change and the second album, but her decision to deliberately chase the more hardcore R&B wave and keep up with the young it girls threw her into a place where she’s been living off of her former reputation.

What I see, and what we all can see when we look at her tho, is one bad chic who is naturally a mix of ghetto and classy. Her classy aura outweighs everything else. Mostly because she’s so soft spoken yet direct. She’s one of those 40 and overs who looks better than alot of the 20-somethings. Some may say that’s due to her fair share of nipping and tucking, but if you look at her sisters, it’s clear to see what she could’ve looked like if she wasn’t thee Toni Braxton. And this may be the result of the fact that yeah, she has the money to maintain her looks, or simply because she just cares more than them. Or it could be the fact that she’s a Libra (Yeaaahhh!!) and Libra’s are known for being fashionable and not sticking with one look for too long, especially the women. All I know is that it’s rare that the oldest sister out of a clan of siblings winds up looking the best. 

For a chic with financial woes and health concerns, Toni sure still looks like a million bucks!

Next up is Salli Richardson-Whitfield 

Some of you may only know her by face and that’s understandable. Tho she’s a Black Hollywood veteran, her resume is not the most extensive. You can catch her this month in the critically acclaimed indie film I Will Follow, her first starring role, but the reason she’s here, is because she still looks great! From her face, to her skin, to her shape, she is damn near flawless for a woman her age. Straight from the Black man stereotype of lightskinned with long hair, I thought she was the perfect woman when I saw her in Mario Van Peebles Black western flick Posse. The nude scene didn’t hurt either. 

Kellita Smith 

We can’t mention one C/D lister without mentioning another. With mostly roles limited to the small screen, Kellita’s presence has definitely been felt. She is a chocolate dream that you may see pop up periodically on the cover or within the pages of a Black men’s magazine doing suggestive poses (something common of most African-American “actresses”). She straddles the line between motherly and that other, less-refined quality that fellow Gen Xers like LisaRaye and Tamala Jones possess. Yet, and maybe because of that, no matter what she does she always exudes a sexual energy. At the risk of making her sound slutty, she just looks like a good time! And with that, I’m off to watch some Bernie Mac Show re-runs…

Now, my last 2 are ladies that I’ve always loved and actually may be solo Crush Alot features. But for the sake of keeping with the theme, let’s include them now.

Holly Robinson 

Do you remember 21 Jumpstreet? Good. Then that means you’re not that much younger than me. If not, look it up. I was too young to have a crush on mrs. Robinson-Peete back then, but she will always be Holly Robinson to me, and by the time the God-Awful Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper debuted, I remembered her and have been smitten with her since. She just seems so damn cool. Obviously me and the boy John Mayer share similar taste. For a guy who says he’s never really been moved to date a Black woman, but finds himself attracted to Holly of all women to choose says alot. I caught her on The Celebrity Apprentice when she was on it and realized how toned and well-kept she is. Her smile is her defining feature and it retains that youthful quality that she broke out on the scene with. You can tell she cares about her appearance – maybe not so much in the same way or for the same reasons as Toni Braxton – but maybe more for health concerns. Being an athlete’s wife helps. But why do they usually end up being in waaaay better shape than their husbands? Word to my other Gen X crushes Pilar Sanders and Lisa Wu Hartwell.

And speaking of Athletes…

Here’s a blast from my past!

I was absolutely in Love with this woman when I was an adolescent. I wouldn’t believe when everyone was telling me she was an adult, because her gymnast stature and girlish face made her look my age at the time. I watched the Olympics faithfully for her. It was a pure innocent crush. But as I got older and went to school with real life track girls and gym chics, I now know that they have and keep the best bodies on the planet! And ms. Dawes is no exception. Couple that with that same face and a ridiculous smile and I still feel the same way as  I did at 12 years old. This is just one genuinely gorgeous woman. 

Having that said,

You, Dominique Dawes,

And all the MILFs pictured above,

Are My New Crush!!

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