This just in…Black Women are the least attractive??!


After writing a whole drawn out blog post delving into the possibility of Stacey Dash and Kim Kardashian being the most beautiful women in the limelight in modern history, and then exploring the possible sociological and scientific reasons why this may be, here comes the next big stir on the internet to rile Black women up.

There’s now irony in the fact that I pointed out how Dash and Kardashian’s racial ambiguity play a huge part in their appeal and attractiveness across the board. They have safe looks. Looks that are not extreme by most measures, especially in western civilization. Hence there is no threat and a higher level of desire for them from multiple races due to a symmetrical blend of exotic and tame.

Now this article posted and then later removed on a blog connected to PsychologyToday magazine (one of my favorite publications), took a similar route to attempt to answer the question,

Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than
Other Women, But Black Men Are Rated Better Looking Than
Other Men?
Why black women, but not black men?

Someone was resourceful enough to copy and paste the article before it got removed due to heavy traffic and outstanding response. Read it here;

Using a data assessment scale referred to as “Add Health”, the author made sharp conclusions in statistical and arithmetic language to define the deficiency in attractiveness surrounding women of African descent.

Compiling quantitative information from sources or populations not mentioned, the author, Satoshi Kanazawa notes that Black women are rated “Average” each time, while Black males are generally rated higher. He states that data shows that Black people as a whole tend to view themselves as more attractive to themselves than people of every other race. So then it comes off as a kind of misguided pride. I would love to refute that, but I’ve seen waaaay too many chics who need to be humbled in their opinions of self. Especially in New York. Yet we all know that this may be due to other sociological factors.

Satoshi is almost at a loss to find reason for such results, citing the possibility that African ancestry being the oldest in humanity may have contributed to a sort of genome redefinition and bolstering of testosterone, which creates more masculine features.

The article of course prompted Black folk all over the web to strike back in typical sensitive fashion a la the Don Imus and Slim Thug controversies of late. Twitter and Facebook went abuzz, while Black blog sites like The Root attacked the integrity of the study. Folks have done background checks and Googled the author, stating that he has made a living off of writing about racially controversial topics, and suggesting Asian superiority.

We all know that something so subjective cannot be solely defined by numbers. We all know how Amazing and Beautiful Black women are. In my opinion, they are the best thing on this planet!!! But when you turn to the People and Vanity Fair magazines , how come the only Black women you see are the biracial or racially ambiguous ones? The Halles, Paula Pattons, Alicia Keys‘?? Maybe the token African Models in ads or catwalk stills, but not the Viola Davis‘, the Serenas or the V. Bozemans?

Yes, Black people know how wonderful and dynamic the beauty of Black women is, but why is it that the rest of the world doesn’t seem to?



  1. Sometimes attractiveness is determined for the masses thru marketing . Remember the scene in “The Wiz” in which the Wiz dictated the “in” color? And of course the psychology behind the marketing and promotion of another’s intent (both intentional and subconscious) and own psychology are the ultimate culprits. Oh yeah, and black women are beautiful, lol.

    • My brother took me to see The Wiz in DC, my first Black movie theater. I was so excited and it was so much fun! But when Lena Horne came on, someone yelled, “Damn! Who’s that white woman?” and my big brother was SO proud when I yelled back, “That’s no white woman, that’s LENA HORNE, dumbass!” The whole theater fell out!
      My ex sis-in-law found it at a comic book stand at a fair around 1981 or so, I forget, but she was so excited to find it, no doubt.

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