Cell Phones, Cancer & You!

I told you!

If you remember, the first year of this blog, I reported on a Northeast Mayor who was trying his damnest to make the public aware of the threat that cellphones present to human health and ordained that they come with warnings similar to those from the Surgeon General on the backs of cigarette packs.

I even went so far as to delve into the theories, notions and urban legends surrounding cellular phone radiation and cancer – even adding images of the infamous hard-boiled egg experiment between 2 cell phones.

But earlier this week, the World Health Organization released statements indicating the likelihood of a link between cellphones and brain cancer in particular. It made headlines and front pages of local newspapers, yet the general consensus seems to be one of indifference.

Instead of a detailed account of the WHO‘s findings, the article that I read in the free daily paper that I picked up on my ride from school focused more on New Yorkers’ nonchalant reactions to the threat. The whole thing centered around an almost unanimous sentiment indicative of a nation engulfed by the digital revolution who have burned analog bridges and left no way of going back if we wanted to.

It’s scary to put in perspective that these technologies, tho familiar to us at this point, are still extremely new to human civilization. And while somewhere down the line, evolution may have us develop immunities and resistances, radiation is radiation. And any prolonged exposure to such a thing can’t have any effect but a negative one on our homeostasis. Who knows what costly effects will have to arise before we make these breakthroughs??

There were those so-called experts who refuted the WHO‘s claims, saying that these kinds of reports have been made time and again, and lack hard evidence.

The AMNewYork article quoted someone saying “I already smoke, so it’s not like I’m worried about cancer”. Even as a joke, that shit is beyond absurd, and frightening on so many levels. Read the full thing here http://www.amny.com/urbanite-1.812039/nyers-dial-away-report-on-possible-mobile-phone-cancer-link-1.2917599

My ex used to tell me to put my cell phone down when I was inside and to minimize my use of it as much as I could. I remember not wanting to have one and having a house phone when others would ask me why. She has one, and swears by it – only using a cell when necessary. Safe to say, whenever I move, I’m getting one again.

Now It’s not wise to go freak out with every scare that the news media doles out, but as someone who has always had suspicions about this issue, this just reinforces my underlying paranoia.

It doesn’t help that even tho the article didn’t go into scientific detail, the journalists felt the need to include a short guide of which cell phone brands contain the highest and lowest radiation levels, as well as a list of tips to cut down radiation exposure. These tips included things like not using your phone when the signal is low because that’s when it emits the highest levels of radiation, or not keeping it in your pocket (something I do religiously). That brings the tone of seriousness back up a bit whether you agree that there is impending danger or not. Obviously there’s something to take precaution for.

True enough, cell phones are not going anywhere. We can’t live without them. We should, however shift the focus to how we can live with them. Literally.

And now I just need to figure out where I’m gonna carry mine. It’s not like I walk around with a damn Murse!

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