1 commercial I Love, 1 Commercial I Hate! – McDonald’s strikes again with Fuckery, Pharell pushes make-up


we’ve met before. I thought I told you how much I HATE McDonald’s attempts to capitalize off of Hip-Hop and urban culture with these uber-corny ass ads. This time, they didn’t even put any thought into it. Who’s 3rd grade nephew or 45 year old ‘expert’ did they consult with for this lame spot?? Slap some headphones around someone’s neck and put a mic in somone’s hand and have them recite the most cliche and dusty phrase of all Hip-Hop lore and Voila! Does McDonald’s even have to market to niggas anyway? Not like they don’t know it exists and have the menu memorized at the same time they learn the alphabet.


On the flip, this ad might come off a little corny as well, but the fact of who’s in it is what overrides that. It’s almost weird. But it’s also Dope. How did this happen? Who was in charge of the marketing here?? 2 of my favorite celebs, Pharell & the gorgeous Jessica Biel, one of my Caucasian Persuasion crushes. Kinda makes sense…They’re both into fashion heavy. But Revlon? And a man as the main focus of that? Interesting indeed.


  1. McDonalds’s ad looks like some real “Cosby Kid” ass nigga slapped together! “Now freeeeeeeeeeze” hahaha thats hot? lol, say that shit at your next show lol. I am glad that he did not REALLY rap about a fucking smoothy. but I cant see some nigga seeing that shit, the dapping eachother up like “nigga, we GOT to go to McDonald’s NOW!”…. the chicks in the crowd was looking iight tho… EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO MARKET ANYTHING AS “HIP HOP” IT WILL ALWAYS BE CORNY!!!! you dont make “Hip-Hop” things… you MAKE THINGS HIP HOP!!! for example, Timberland never put rappers, or eve’n NIGGAS in the ads! We made that shit hip hop! But “Lugz” was the Hip Hop boots”, you see how well that worked out.

  2. THAT, my friend, Was A fuckin’ GENIUS assessment!! You should post that last statement somewhere. It’s wisdom

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