Damn, Have I been Objectifying Women??!

Going back to school has got me tripping hard. This Sex and Culture class has got me turning into a masculine feminist. After viewing this classic and very eye-opening and insightful presentation on female imagery in the advertising media, Killing Us Softly, I had to question myself. This unconscious suggestion, the subliminal encouragement that women are sexual accessories has been apart of our lives forever….Us born into this world of tech and industry where demographic is a household word.

I couldn’t help but think of my Crush Alot section of this blog, the segment where I highlight a beautiful woman in the public eye who I don’t know and downright gush over her as I splatter the post with scantily clad photos that exhibit her sprawled across the screen in sexually suggestive poses. In my mind, I’m simply being a warm-blooded heterosexual man and sharing my affinity for gorgeous women and all of their dimensions. I can argue that a large majority of these posts focus on the careers and backgrounds of these ladies, but there is no denying that what is most emphasized is a lustful intention that finds these women reduced to not much more than eye-candy underneath my logo. It also makes me think of the many times that I’ve had to explain the upper right corner of this site’s top banner to a woman who I just newly intrigued to come visit my blog. It’s often their first question for me after an initial vist here. Before any mention of any singular post, or any commentary on my writing, or acknowledgement of me as a musician, it’s this; ‘What’s up with the naked women as soon as the page opens up?‘, or ‘I don’t know how I feel about that’ or ‘I can’t go to your blog while I’m at work‘. Yikes! I try to explain that if those 2 pictures are looked at within the context of what the banner suggests, which are a collection of my thoughts (including also, things that Iam against, such as backpack rap and skinny jeans, and things that I love, like classic rap music), then it should make more sense. Yet as it was broken down for me, the images of the seductive women in the corner with glazed skin and supple parts tend to stand out more than anything else. And then after all of my deducing and logic, I’m reminded that the positioning of D.Woods and Selita Ebanks blowing out the candles on my logo is suggestively below where my waist would be in the middle. And then I’m stuck…Simply because, damn – I didn’t even realize what I did. They’re blowing my candles. And since ultimately, the candles bear my moniker, they are figuratively blowing me.

Maybe being a warm-blooded heterosexual man in America is the root cause of the perpetuation of this objectification that we rarely think about with any real investigation. It can be problematic. How many of you have found yourself complaining or commenting on how oversexed everything has been in the past 5 years (if not longer)? Have you listened to popular music recently??

Now, does this mean that I’m gonna stop doing my Crush Alot posts and change the banner? Probably not. But what I will do is take a more critical look at how Iam presenting women in my work here. I’ll be doing a review of everything that I’ve done here pertaining to the female species and how they are approached. I have so much respect for women that I only hope it has shown in the short time that I’ve been blogging. And tho I hate feminism and it’s extremes, I’ll stand up anyday for women to have equal rights in every realm.

I urge you in the meantime to watch Killing Us Softly( I included a clip) and think of how you absorb these sexual and objectifying messages that have been around since the dawn of all 80’s Babies and 3 decades prior. Maybe it has been strumming our pain with it’s fingers…

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