The Very Last “Negroes In The News” Post – Who’s Boning Lauryn? Bow Wow talks life & Death, Consequence Brings his own shovel & Jalen Rose gets 20!!

This is my least favorite section of the blog. Mostly because it usually deals with such negativity. Sometimes Negroes are just Negroes and their outlandish antics have to be discussed. In the short time that this segment has run here, I’ve covered crazy murders and random acts of violence and coonery along with beacons of Hope to balance things out. But Iam not a news blogger. Nor am I a celebrity blogger. So everything you catch in this segment is pretty much something that you’ve already been made aware of or something that can easily be found on the web. And as I get ready to stop blogging altogether, this is the first section to go.

With that said, I’ve decided to go the entertainment route this time around and I hope this last entry entertains you.

NBA analyst and one of my favorite former players, Jalen Rose, just got handed a 20 day jail sentence for drunk driving. The sentencing stems from a march incident in Detroit that ended up in a car crash. His law team seems to be upset at the length of the sentencing, but fails to acknowledge that the actual term was for 92 days. The judge relaxed the other 72 and let Rose live a little. She even gave him a delay to go visit his Grandmother! Whether his reputation and status at ESPN will be affected by this is yet to be seen, but for now the bigger question is, damn – why can’t Black men just stay out of jail??!

Moving on, While Flo-Rida is getting slapped with paternity claims from random chics, Bow Wow made headlines this month for opening up about the birth of his first child and his baby mama drama, as well as his bout with suicidal thoughts. There’s been all kinds of Negro shit surrounding this, from claims that Bow skipped out on the baby shower and birth, to back and forth Twitter shots and coverage that the baby mama in question, ex-video chic, Joie Chavis, left his name off of the birth certificate. Bow made a public statement, written like a true kid, about his role in his daughter’s life and his hopes for her. The suicide talk just seems to be a sympathy play…But the general sentiment towards Bow has always been a scrutinizing one since he’s reached adulthood. Everyone seems to roll their eyes and make some kind of quip about him when he’s mentioned. Even chics that I know were fans of his 7 years ago!! I wonder how much of it is his own doing and how much of it is just people’s natural fickleness after watching dudes grow up after being over-saturated. Now if he had really followed through on those suicidal thoughts, I bet everyone would be claiming how much they’ve always loved him and giving the whole Amy Winehouse treatment. I’m just saying, Bieber be careful!!

Speaking of babies,

really, who the fuck is still knocking Lauryn Hill’s crazy ass up??!  Even Rohan is done. And he made 5 with her!

For some reason (presumably because he got dropped from the label that seems to be killing the game right now), Former G.O.O.D. music artist and Kanye mentor, Consequence has been taking the Beanie Sigel route and taking shots at the dude who’s been keeping him relevant for the last 9 years after his fade to irrelevance almost 9 years before then. A week ago, Cons released a diss track aimed at Pusha T, who’s the newest signee over at G.O.O.D. Consequence’s explanation for the beef sounds really weak and cliche and makes him sound like the bitter left-out member of the winning team. The diss is lackluster for Cons, who can be nice when he wants to be and definitely influenced Kanye’s whole cadence and delivery when he first hit the scene as a rapper. The song ends with a warning that Ye is Cons’ next victim. Now I’m no fan of Pusha T, and I definitely am not a fan of Kanye. I was actually looking forward to something like this because I was expecting Consequence to kill them and say some stuff that needs to be said, but for real, if you keep rapping on this level Cons, Don’t Quit Your Day Job!!

And lastly, Lupe announced that he was quitting Twitter and directed his followers toward the amazing Nikki Jean around the same time as the release of her album, Pennies In A Jar. Now whether or not you believe he’s actually done, you should know that Iam a big fan of Nikki’s ever since the days back at Howard University seeing her do her thing on the piano. You should click on the picture of her album to visit her site and learn more about her! 

That’s all. It’s been a fun ride. Negroes will continue to be Negroes. Somehow someway, we know it’ll end up in the news…

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