Still Got A Thang For, Topanga!

Ben Savage wasn’t acting. You don’t grow up on camera from pre-pubescence to adulthood with Danielle Fishel as your only love interest and watch her go through the same transformation without developing feelings. Especially with her uhhDevelopment

Yet Ms. Fishel is more than just a growth spurt. The ultimate girl next door, she radiates a warmth and familiarity to most men who grew up watching Boy Meets World. I had no idea that so many dudes felt the same way as I do about her. I thought she was my number 1 out-of-the-box crush and that I saw something special in her that no one else saw. I was definitely wrong. Check any search engine for her and she’s plastered all over guy-centric websites as a “hottie” or what-not.

Although she practically disappeared from 2000-2007, somehow she stayed relevant in the male mind. This was only bolstered once she resurfaced on the dreaded Tyra show and then struck out on her own on Style network’s The Dish. Showing a more silly side, Danielle caught her second wind as a celeb and became more famous than ever. Too bad the show came to a close this spring, but the extra bright side to her ever present bright side is that Ms. Fishel is in the exact same year of school as me, studying Psychology. DOPENESS.

The part about her that had me thinking that I alone had this special attraction to her is that unlike most of my Caucasian Persuasion crushes, Danielle’s look is decidedly ethnic. Her thick features almost make her look like a Black girl dipped in Vanilla, but this is largely due to her Maltese background. For those of you geographically unfamiliar, the Maltese islands are archipelagos next to Sicily that have an ethnic make-up that is a hodgepodge of Mediterranean races from Italian to Arab and African. 

It’s this part of her that defines the full lips, naturally tanned skin and curvaceousness that has her on the hot lists across the internets. Yet it has nothing to do with her crazily captivating smile, which is probably her most famous feature besides her much drooled over chest. The whole breast fixation more than likely stems from her television history and the reality of seeing her blossom before our eyes from whom? to Zoom! Although she’s only a 36 C – Which in my opinion is the perfect cup size, she’s always been top-heavy, and this has a sort of Pamela Anderson effect on her, making her look like she can win any marathon breast first. 

What I also think is very neglected in most mentions of her are her crystal green/hazel eyes. This completes the exoticism of her look and also adds to the inviting and warm feeling. Even tho she’s starting to look her age, just looking at these pictures reminds me how much I still actually want to meet her.

So if you ever see this,

Danielle Fishel,


have been and are still,

My Crush!!

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