And the cure for Cancer is…..HIV???

Devoted readers of this blog know how strongly I feel about cancer research and the fight against AIDS. You also know how often I’ve made efforts to post news coverage of any insights and developments into such. This particular post marries both in a strange twist of fate that many in the medical field are calling a breakthrough.

Researchers have done the shockingly revolutionary by using a benign strand of HIV to mutate and reprogram the attacking qualities of the virus into what they refer to as “serial killer” cells that attack cancerous tumors.

So far the method has only been tested on a particular form of leukemia in 3 subjects, but the scientists have high and realistic hopes that with further testing and development, it will prove to be effective not only for other forms of cancer, but for other crippling and lethal diseases as well.

It’s hands down the most ironic and eyebrow raising medical breakthrough in the last few years, to think that the world’s deadliest disease can provide the cure for the world’s most vast disease. If you watch the video within this link that I have included (, the doctors never mention the HIV strand by name or acknowledge where they obtain the samples from, but they all share a unanimous optimism that their discovery can and will provide a much less painful and dramatic alternative to the existing radiation therapies.

Your thoughts?

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