The End Of This Blog??

In about 30 days exactly, We’ll be at a crossroads with this blog of mine. I’ll be faced with the reality that it’s been a full 2 years since I started this site and I’m near 100,000 views. The bigger reality is that not enough of you visit often enough (let alone comment), and I just have way too much on the plate this year to attempt to continue calling myself a true blogger. Now I understand, everybody’s older now and everyone’s got their own business to handle and most of us are all moving into those stages of life that demand more and there’s tons of super serious things to do in your month other than to go check on the random thoughts and sensationalized musings and rants of an unsigned rapper with a good vocabulary.

Knowing this, I will say that starting OCTOBER 18TH, I will switch from being an ACTIVE blogger to a PASSIVE blogger. Meaning that these monthly columns and segments may no longer be so monthly. I may just post when I get a break from classes. Or when I feel super-strong about some point. Or just when I have new music to promote. Either way, I’ll exist. And so will this blog. Just not on a regular basis of churning out hard editorial material for invisible deadlines like I’m getting paid for advertising traffic or something. This is not exactly the Complex media network over here after all.

Thank you all who lurk, stumble upon or keep up. It’s all appreciated. Help me end this last month with a bang!!!! See you in 30…

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  1. I subscribe with Google Reader and get every post. I don’t comment much though. Sorry to hear about your diminished blogging.

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