Clair Huxtable is teaching a college class, and it’s all thanks to Denzel Washington!!

So besides finding out that the official trailer for the Avengers movie is premiering next week, this is the most exciting news I’ve seen this month!

How crazy would it be to be shuffling between periods as a student to get to your acting class only to have it taught by America’s favorite mom and every Black man’s prototype for a wife??! 

The prestigious and regal Phylicia Rashad has been the coolest thing since sliced bread for decades. Although she’s etched in our minds as the quick-witted, sharp-tongued and flawless lawyer extraordinaire, Mrs. Huxtable, she also caught a second wind when she returned to her theatre roots and started racking up stage accolades and awards. She’ll be teaching a course at Fordham University this school year titled “Creating A Character”. I’m already trying to figure out how to moonlight between colleges and sign up for this class. (For the full story, check out these links  )

Of course, this is all possible from the generous and Dope donation made by Fordham alum Denzel Washington. Mr. Washington granted his alma mater 2.25 million to the theatre department. This also comes with the gesture of a 250,000 dollar endowment for a scholarship bearing his name. The new chair developed by his donation also bears his name as the Denzel Washington chair in theatre, with Rashad as the first chair.

This is indeed a great day for Black folk, Black academia and Black celebrity all at the same time. In seldom recognized moments of philanthropy and forward mobility like this, I’m in admiration that 2 of our brightest and biggest are at the forefront. “Black Excellence” indeed.

And as far as Ms. Rashad, she’s proof that Bison still rep at other people’s schools.

HU!! U Know!!!!!

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