The Industry just got smaller. Labels are Disappearing. Jive, Arista & J records join that list

What makes this ironic, is that I was just at a meeting 2 weeks ago with an A&R in the grand offices of Jive records (which I always thought was a telling name for a label).

As I looked around the hallowed walls of the offices in the Sony entertainment building, although this was my 5th time in this building, and 4th time in this position, I realized then more than ever, just how small this business is.

Across the floor was RCA stuff, upstairs was Columbia, and all throughout the place was J records and RocNation paraphernalia .

Last week Sony announced that it was dissolving all of their subdivisions (with the exception of the RocNation merger) and concentrating all of their efforts into the RCA brand and the Columbia umbrella. This means that Sony music properties who are worth keeping will be housed under one or the other. So all of those Arista artists like Usher and all of those Jive artists like Britney Spears will move to RCA records most likely, and the Jennifer Hudsons’ and Alicia Keys‘ will find their homes on Columbia. For a look at the story from the words of the execs in charge of this move, click here…

I mean, getting rid of 2 Clive Davis labels and letting go of this many jobs is a humongous deal! A definite signifier of both how much the digital takeover has affected and weakened the industry, as well as how small the circle of money is among those who hold the power. This means the record labels are fighting not to become obsolete, and are really just closer extensions of their distributors, who have only ever really been just 3 main names. Right now, it’s looking like Universal, Sony and Warner. Look them up and see how many labels still exist under each.

This comes on the heels of me having this wack meeting which I mentioned, and watching plenty of disheartening moments on last night’s BET Hip-Hop awards. Which leads me to my next post….

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