*New Cesar Luciano Album* – CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

It’s Here. My lil bro from Providence is ushering in Gemstars Season lovely with his most complete release yet!

Click either image to download straight from DjBooth.net

All produced by Marv X.

As promised, I added the Big Video for “We On”. Directed by PUMA and featuring the whole Gemstars Fam except for me. 

Who Run It??

Courtesy of the homie Owen Eff. Just some food for thought…

New Cesar Luciano “Catch Me If You Can” Commercial

As we get closer to the release of the homie Cesar Luciano‘s golden opus, Catch Me If You Can, you can expect treats such as this one directed by the big homie NameisE.

The kid’s visual skills are ridiculous, and the boy Ceez puts on the cool like none other with an acapella rendition of the album intro. It was my idea for the song to play at the end. Thanks for listening E! Stay Tuned

Elle, For Love – Don’t say I ain’t Warned ya bout Ms. Varner!

Just when I thought I threw down the gauntlet, and dropped the mic with last month’s Crush Alot on one of my all time favorite models/actresses, Yaya DaCosta, I get smacked with the debut video from a chic that I’ve had an affinity for going on 2 years now. Somewhere where Kelis meets Lauren London – two women who I only think are cute at best – I get beauty in the form of Elle Varner. She’s Smoking hot….

Actually, she looks a whole Hell of a lot like my last ex, and maybe that serves as proof that men are never satisfied, because there should be a been there, done that factor – but there’s none here. The fact that I have a thing for California girls, and she’s an L.A. native doesn’t help it either.

I’ve been bumping Elle Varner music since the top of the year, and have been telling folks to look out for the sharp chanteuse. She’s a musician for real, playing guitar and penning songs with a quirky sensibility. She’s the latest to roll out from the camp that introduced Alicia Keys to the world, and was BET’s first artist on their Music Matters campaign. Though she’s slimmed down a bit since then, coming out with a tongue in cheek song about physical insecurities, it’s clear that she has little to be insecure about…

I’m a fan of her cheek bones, and of course, the natural hair, but she has such a bright face and smile that’s only accentuated by her animated expressions, that she’d look good no matter what do she was rocking. Her demeanor shows that she’s definitely a theatre kid, but she’s full of life in a cool way and not so much of a Nicki Minaj ‘look at me!’ way. Her sense of style is colorful and Jazzy with a uniqueness and a flair that could catch a runway eye. I Love when women are fashionable in their own way without leaning too hard to any extremes. No Lady Gaga, no name brand slave. She kinda dresses like my homegirl GangStarr Girl and Freddy from A Different World (who I have a television crush on), but can sex it up in a second.

With a sexy nerd edge, she’s got sexy eyes – all 4 of them. There’s a also a natural pouty look when she turns on the round the way girl charm and makes you wonder what’s behind the scenes. And a smile that’s so wide and devouring that it can’t be faked. As I mentioned, she’s lost a few pounds, but retains her thickness in all the right places. Long as she doesn’t lose too many more, I’m dreading the day that I actually meet her, because I might do something I can’t get back from…

Just kidding.


In other words…

Elle Varner,


Are My New Crush!!!