Good Things come in 3’s!! – Sabi, Janelle Monae & JPK for the 100,000th view!!

Like we always do it this time (of year, that is)!

You know I can’t leave you without a great installment of everyone’s favorite segment on this blog. I always make the December ones extra special. Today I’d like to think I’m especially breaking ground. This is also going to mark the post that earns this site it’s 100,000th view!! So I’d like to thank everyone who made that possible. Of course this would happen right after I say that I’m not going to be actively blogging anymore…

Just when I think I’m done…You guys keep pulling me back!

So we start off with a nice pop tart. This urban Latina reps the land of beautiful women to crush on; Los Angeles, California! You may have heard her on a number of billboard hits like Cobra Starship‘s “You Make Me Feel…” or Britney Spears“Drop Dead”, but to SEE her is a whole nother thing.  Unfortunately, I almost have to throw her in the “‘Too Youngs” bag because she’s damn near a 90’s baby, but she definitely conjures up thoughts of everything that Cassie should be, with all the best parts and then some.

I like her style.

For our second treat, what do we have? Whaddayaknow?! Another racially ambiguous Canadian in a list of many.I must really have a thing for these chics. This is becoming a trend. With a look that’s part Jessica Biel with a dash of 2 of my other crushes, Jurnee Smollet and Brittany Murphy, it’s not a shocker that she fits in here perfectly. But the young lady with three famous names is no stranger to the sci-fi television world, and her starring role on “The Secret Circle” is garnering much fandom and press for her. You can include me in that club! 

And lastly, 

While it’s not often that you see Ms. Monae outside of that Penguin getup that she considers a uniform, I’ve always believed that underneath that Sammie Davis look, there’s a sensous woman in all her feminine glow booming. This is mostly because my introduction to her was through Outkast videos and photo opts where she embraced that more with her curly coiffed do and blousey accessories.

Even still, there’s moments, like this ad that I saw her in, when you can see the stripped down beauty where she shines in just a t-shirt and that wonderful face of hers. Her face is captivating. It has all the features of everything that men look for in a woman. It’s coy, it’s model-esque, it’s cute, it’s serious, and it has an innocence to it, but in a grown woman way – not a creepy she-still-looks-like-a-kid way. Nooo…Make no mistake, Janelle is all woman. And she definitely does know how to fill out a suit! Whoever gets to loosen that bowtie is a lucky someone.

Well, that’s it kiddies. Hope I put you on to someone or made you look at someone in a way you never thought to before. That’s what I’m here for. It’s what I do. Enjoy your holidays and be safe…

As far as you ladies, you have redefined my vision of Bad for this coming year. You are my 3 faves right now.

So Sabi, Jessica Parker Kennedy & Janelle Monae,


Are My New Crush!!!!

Groper gets Shot in Harlem, VA Tech gets shot up again, and Mumia gets closer to Free!

These are the things that happen in my hood. So on my way to work today, I was dropping off my evil twin, Bobby at the 125th street train station, only to be held up in ridiculous traffic and have him return to the car telling me that the dozen of officers who were blocking the subway wouldn’t let him enter because something big went down. Turns out that that something big was actually a shooting. Apparently, one of those bastard-ass subway gropers put his hands on a young girl and got himself shot by an off duty cop. Read a fuller account of the story here

After years and years of hearing poets and conscious rappers scream his name with the word “Free” preceding it as if it was his title, Mumia Abu-Jamal gets one step closer to the dream of exoneration.

A Pennsylvania District Attorney dropped the execution order against Jamal, removing him from Death Row. This brings light to a legendary case that has been used as an example of political neglect and systematic racism. This decision has of course left a very visible split in opinion between the races and pundits on each side. Check out the coverage here

On another note, violence that has actually been proven has struck the campus of Virginia Tech once again – making it no doubt the next big story in it’s increasingly bloody history. There’s plenty of clues surrounding this, but the search for a reason is still on…Check out the full story here


My Favorite Couple…

Okay. On a brighter note…

Check out one of my ace homies Starrene GangStarrGirl Rhett and her boo, the infamous Anslem Samuel in their engagement spread on

That was a great look for Essence, highlighting Black Love in the now. These 2 are definitely 2 of the coolest to be around, and their story is journalism matrimony.

That sh*! Kray!

New Documentary focuses on Risky life of AIDS afflicted Howard Grad

About 5 years ago, I had the misfortune of learning about this awful truth via a website. On the heels of World AIDS Day yesterday, since it’s being shared damn near everywhere else by my fellow Howard University alum who are just finding out about this, it only makes sense that I post this as well.

This is the story of William “Reds” Brawner, a dude I distinctly remember being prominent on campus during my time there. As fate would have it, he’s been HIV positive most of his life and has even taken some active role in spreading awareness. The dramatic and shocking side to this tale is that he kept it concealed until those 5 years ago and he was having all kinds of sex while in college. Sometimes unprotected.

Now as scary as the thought is of knowing that the probability that we have (in the words of Nas) ‘bumped the same bunnies’ is high(fear not, I’m fine), there is something about this story that needs to be told. Perhaps if for no other reason then for the scores of young people out there who are probably running around living their lives in secrecy and shame at the expense of other’s health. Regardless of our thoughts on Brawner personally, we should all tune into this documentary. Maybe even help see it come to light.

For a more detailed look check this article.

For more info on the film check this site.


Promo video for “In Search Of My Father”

So my ex wrote a book. And subsequently spills her guts in this promo video for it…

I’m never surprised by her accomplishments. Good job kid. For the record, I’m NOT one of those guys she mentioned. I like to think I broke the cycle…But I’ll let her tell it…