New Documentary focuses on Risky life of AIDS afflicted Howard Grad

About 5 years ago, I had the misfortune of learning about this awful truth via a website. On the heels of World AIDS Day yesterday, since it’s being shared damn near everywhere else by my fellow Howard University alum who are just finding out about this, it only makes sense that I post this as well.

This is the story of William “Reds” Brawner, a dude I distinctly remember being prominent on campus during my time there. As fate would have it, he’s been HIV positive most of his life and has even taken some active role in spreading awareness. The dramatic and shocking side to this tale is that he kept it concealed until those 5 years ago and he was having all kinds of sex while in college. Sometimes unprotected.

Now as scary as the thought is of knowing that the probability that we have (in the words of Nas) ‘bumped the same bunnies’ is high(fear not, I’m fine), there is something about this story that needs to be told. Perhaps if for no other reason then for the scores of young people out there who are probably running around living their lives in secrecy and shame at the expense of other’s health. Regardless of our thoughts on Brawner personally, we should all tune into this documentary. Maybe even help see it come to light.

For a more detailed look check this article.

For more info on the film check this site.


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