Groper gets Shot in Harlem, VA Tech gets shot up again, and Mumia gets closer to Free!

These are the things that happen in my hood. So on my way to work today, I was dropping off my evil twin, Bobby at the 125th street train station, only to be held up in ridiculous traffic and have him return to the car telling me that the dozen of officers who were blocking the subway wouldn’t let him enter because something big went down. Turns out that that something big was actually a shooting. Apparently, one of those bastard-ass subway gropers put his hands on a young girl and got himself shot by an off duty cop. Read a fuller account of the story here

After years and years of hearing poets and conscious rappers scream his name with the word “Free” preceding it as if it was his title, Mumia Abu-Jamal gets one step closer to the dream of exoneration.

A Pennsylvania District Attorney dropped the execution order against Jamal, removing him from Death Row. This brings light to a legendary case that has been used as an example of political neglect and systematic racism. This decision has of course left a very visible split in opinion between the races and pundits on each side. Check out the coverage here

On another note, violence that has actually been proven has struck the campus of Virginia Tech once again – making it no doubt the next big story in it’s increasingly bloody history. There’s plenty of clues surrounding this, but the search for a reason is still on…Check out the full story here


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