My “Cousin” Goes viral with Whitney Houston tribute, My “Sis” murders Frank Ocean & my “Brother” drops the best music video of the month!!

Ok. So my cuz, the Famous Sasha Allen took the net yesterday morning in an uncharacteristic move with a little push from her boo, and belted out her rendition of “I Will Always Love You” in tribute to the woman whose rendition etched the song in American music history for all time. Her vocal resemblance to the late, great Whitney Houston stirred up such a big chord (pun intended) that it brought out both some doubters who cried lip-syncing and a swarm of supporters who know the broadway star and La Guardia alum very well. All I will say is if you don’t know, Google her! I see you Cuzo!!

Which brings me to my lil “Sis” Ms. La’Rayne. In this intimately powerful clip, she takes a minute from a session with the boy Brandon Carter, who she’s been working on her debut with, to sing a cover of Frank Ocean‘s “Thinking About You”. Thanks to her putting her own twist on it, and Brandon’s acoustic musical strip-down, this song gives the original a run for it’s money.

Last but not least, the guy I’ve been saying for years is my favorite unsigned rapper that’s one of my aces finally releases a project!!! This is the second video from Sol-Leks‘ Train Ride mixtape and it’s the highest quality music video of this year yet coming from the underground set.Wash Heights is very proud right about now…


  1. yooo! the nigga Sol-Leks‘s song and video is DOPE!

  2. […] Check out his full post here. […]

  3. […] Check out his full post here. […]

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