A post about relationships that I inspired…So you can be inspired…

In all my non-active bloggerness, I neglected to make mention of the fact that my favorite couple started a relationship blog dealing with all things marital and united. Starrene and Anslem Rocque chronicle their journey and do their best to share their youthful insight weekly on their aptly named site,

The Lovers Rocque.

Last month I asked Starr if she had any advice on living together with your mate and she told me that I gave her an idea for her next post on the site. Thus, this was born…http://www.theloversrocque.com/home/6-tips-for-successfully-shacking-up.html

Not only is it super useful, helpful and bookmark-worthy for anyone looking to make that leap, I also like to think that I was the catalyst for this one and it’s dedicated to me in my small piece of the blogosphere. Enjoy…

Thanks Starr & Anslem.



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  1. I think i just trew up a little in my mounth… I been married for two years.The best advice i can give a couple is to KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Its called “personal life” for a reason! Me and my wife did not post pics of our DOPE ASS wedding on FB, we did not even tag eachother as husband and wife! I dont need hating niggas trynna fuck my fine ass wife out of spite or jelious hoes talking bullshit to her to get btw us. But more importantly, youryour marrage is not a fucking reality show!!!! Its the most important thing you will ever do (aside from raising kids), treating with some fucking respect!

    A marrage is not ment to be explioted or put on display, its supposed to be something speacle btw the two ppl!!! Not the two people PLUS any nigga with a internet conection. Fuck is wrong with y’all!?!!?!

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