Esco’s alleged killer arrested and held for 3 milllion

ImageOne of the saddest and biggest posts I ever blogged about on this site came on the heels of the news that Jubar Croswell, who I and many friends of mine all knew familiarly as “Esco”, had been found dead on the side of a wooded area in New Jersey a year and a half ago. The coverage of this violent death was limited, but it resonated among the Howard University community and the internet. An overflow of comments flooded this blog from his close family and friends sharing their memories and giving thanks for this blog shedding light on the tragedy. 

What makes this week so significant, is that earlier on, a Pennsylvania man was arrested and charged with the murder and is being held at 3 million dollars bail. To see official coverage of that, check this link –

Of course, I’ll keep you posted as more details are revealed, but perhaps, in light of the recent Trayvon Martin controversy, some sense of Black justice is closer to getting served…

R.I.P. “Esco”

Redhead drops his second video for my song “Talk White” featuring me and Bobby

Against my better wishes, The homie Redhead was hungry to release the follow-up visual to his lead off video from his instant classic, The Schemata. Straight from a renegade shoot that we did back on one cool day in November/December, his second video is actually the first video off part 2 of my project slated to drop later this year. The song “Talk White” is somewhat of a fabled track in the Malik-16 timeline. Produced by my P.N.C. Khalil a.k.a K.Lio – who just went thru another name change to Jim Nastic, the track laid dusty for 2 years before I took a liking to it and made this concept song that became a favorite among my brief management. My disillusioned would-be handlers thought this song was big enough to be my “P.S.A.” (not likely). But I did like it enough to keep it on the tracklisting. And the homie Bobby from my Gemstars fam loved it, so I decided to spruce it up for a remix and call up  him and Redhead to expound on the paradox of rapping with a less than threatening voice and good enunciation. Red decided to put it on his album as well and so now you can hear 2 different versions of the song. His version features an alternate verse from me and 2 different verses from him. Mine features Bobby and 2 different verses from me. Here’s the video that gives you the best of both worlds…Directed by Redhead and I and edited by Redhead for dolo.

The talent is immense…