Redhead drops “Talk White” single (featuring me!) for pre-order today on iTunes!!!!


You see, my friends?? THIS is why it pays to share the wealth with your homies and help them along the way! Last year, I decided to extend one of thee ONLY songs that my erstwhile management liked of mine, into a collaborative effort with the perfect person in mind. Yep! the mad thinker Redhead himself, was who I saved this slot for especially, because we had yet to collab on an original music track.Months later what was born of this brainchild was not only an alternate version that would wind up being on Red’s last project, a Dope 4 verse upgrade also featuring my bro Bobby (who was also in love with this song), but a video as well. Now admittedly, the original version of this song was never one of my favorites, What Red added to it gave it new life. Now I’m glad I had the insane idea to spontaneously shoot a video to it guerilla style, laying in the middle of traffic and baffling pedestrians everywhere! 

The song has turned out to be Redhead’s lead single on his official label debut and today marks the first day you can pred-order “Talk White” (featuring me) as a single on iTunes. Follow the link here…

Dopeness! Very proud of the kid.

Look out for the official remix version of the video to hit Youtube VEVO early next month. And the 4th verse of mine you can catch on my upcoming project.

Libra season is coming….

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