“Talk White” video now on VEVO!!! Redhead ft. Malik-16 & Bobby


USA2P1251823 VEVO status!

This is what it feels like huh? Well, Red made good on a word he gave me a month ago and has taken our collabo video, “Talk White” (directed by he and I) to new heights, joining the pantheon of Popular, top of the line music videos. We shot it Guerilla style, over the span of a few hours, making the treatment as we went. But it’s all in a day’s work (literally) for the kids. Shout out to Bobby, who also appears on the song and anchors it, and once again, I have to thank Red for even including us in his decision to make this his very first major debut visual and single. That’s a huge deal to make your introductory song a collabo song. For now, I’m just relishing in the craziness of seeing us sandwiched between a Ciara video and a Lana Del Ray video with a no-budget video. Just imagine what’s coming next. Well played Redhead. Well played…

Now I ask that you support us in this movement. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Watch, laugh, and please…Download Dammit!!

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