SMH. So THIS is how we get down now Environmental???!!


I come home late last night to this madness on the news (follow this link for the full story

Never, has my old high school been implicated or involved in any B.S. like this. Especially not in such a public manner. For all of our teenage cycles of gangdom, which seemed to switch every school year, The High School For Environmental Studies has never been in the center of a murder scene. What are we? MLK High now??!!!

It just makes me wonder further about the deterioration of fear of consequence and foresight that is evident in these newer generations. I don’t know the details, but what is clear as day now, is that a life has been taken, by knifepoint at that. I’ve always been mystified by the incidence of murder by stabbing. It takes that much more gaul to dig into someone’s organs, withdraw and then do it again. It’s a more sadistic kind of act than shooting a gun could ever be. It’s such a personalized attack. It says alot about the person behind the move.

Now, by my account, in the history of any violence around the school, any major event was usually precipitated or carried out by someone associated with students who didn’t really attend the school themselves. I mean, how many hardcore kids are going to go to a school with the premise of ecological awareness and protecting the planet?? The victim went to an outreach school housed in the same facilities, maybe something factional was going on here. Without speculating too much, I just am still a bit shocked and very much perturbed by this happening, especially because I spend 5 days out of every week exactly one block away from there and share my commute with these little knuckleheaded bastards! And I know my former classmates and those who share in the legacy of this school have to be thinking something similar along the lines of WTF??

The kids are NOT alright…

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  1. Well put MK, I walked by the school yesterday and they have a candle light vigil at the moment. Apparently the kid who was killed lived in Clinton towers down the block. Im kinda surprised there arent more confrontation between the 2 schools. Whatever the case is, things are clearly different from when we went there!

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