So this what it feels like huh?


Or should I say, this is what it’s supposed to feel like? It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I probably won’t have a reflection on it until the end of this day because right now, I’m trying to catch up to my own life. As I write this, I’m supposed to be in class. For the first time, I’m approaching my birthday like a teenager (because even when I was one, I wasn’t one), and feeling like blowing everything off and making it all about me! But that’s what turning this age signifies…It’s the reaching of that level of maturity to discipline yourself against those urges. Those urges have led me to all of the worst decisions of my 20’s. And while tonight will be the very first full scale “Party” I’ve ever had for my birthday (besides counting baby years), it’s still going to be tame compared to the Diddy-esque delusions of grandeur I originally envisioned. Then again…I’m not the one really planning it, so who knows?? Maybe there’s a threesome in the cards for me tonight…

Yeah…Right. That would be too much of a birthday wish. This is still 2012. A year that has been the worst one in my life. Just wish me luck today. It’s probably the best thing you can do for me.

I’ll let you know how it feels when I know…

Cuba develops lung cancer vaccine

The credit goes to my old high school bestie Jessica for bringing this one to my attention via a Facebook post.Image

It seems that as fate would have it, the section of the world that is responsible for the most coveted cigars is also responsible for developing the first efficient cancer vaccine.

In Cuba, scientists have been working on and testing what is now a vaccine aimed at suppressing and blocking the progression of serious lung cancer for decades. It doesn’t serve as a preventative measure, but provides another alternative to chemotherapy – which is still the primary treatment method. In true socialist/communist fashion, the vaccine is made available to those in need for free. So far, the country stands behind it’s categorization as a full on vaccine. Of course, us North Americans interested in the treatment would most likely have to wait until it makes its way to Canada, where trade with Cuba is alive and kicking and no political embargo exists.

Say what you will about how much we don’t know about the reliability of a quote-unquote “enemy” nation’s medical practices, or the fact that it’s third world science from a country with a boastful reputation – or how much we can trust medication at all, but anyone who knows how strongly I feel about this issue could imagine just how hopeful it sounds to see the word cancer followed by the word vaccine.

Read more about it at this link http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2011-09/cuba-releases-worlds-first-lung-cancer-vaccine

Do you know Raquel Penzo?? You Should…

This post has been long over due, and her site has been a long time coming, but after years and years of damn-near killing herself to prove that yes, you can survive as a full-time writer in this metropolis, my homegirl and loyal  16’sCandles supporter, The Jaded New Yorker has finally launched her official website.Image

Raquelpenzo.com is the hub of all things Raquelthe author. Piggybacking off of her successful JadedNyer blog, Raquelpenzo.com is a less angst-ridden and zingy – but just as witty, professional welcoming pad for you to get to know this Uber-talented genius mind who is as warm as it is possible for a New Yorker to be! The fact that she is indeed so genuinely warm and as smart as she is is something to applaud, as in alot of cases, writers have the annoying tendency to be unfriendly and snarky, addressing folk with a ‘and who are you?’ air. Not only that, a dynamic mother of 2 and a tireless champion for Latino recognition, respect and unity in the literary world, Penzo has made a name for herself and is quite the pioneer for her generation (translation = she’s Googleable). She just published her first book, My Ego Likes the Compliments…And Other Musings on Writing (Which I have yet to buy admittedly) early this year, and even though I’ve never been to one of her La Pluma Y La Tinta events which she holds monthly, I’m glad to know her. Go get familiar with Raquel at her site today. Click the link, and please go get her book.


Help My sisters get their Mom’s business Launched – Last day!!

Let me just start by saying that this video is wonderfully put together and beautifully displays the Hair styles.


Elisi’s Room is the brainchild of the mother of 2 of my best homegirls on the planet, Indigo and La’Rayne, Who I affectionately call “mom” as well. Located in Jersey city where the ladies all came up, this is a family operated salon and wellness center that is much needed in the community. All that’s missing to make it a reality is you. Today is the last day in a contest that’s been going on this month to help aspiring businesses get funding to help them launch appropriately. Your views of this video directly make the difference! So please, on this last busy weekday, take all of 38 seconds to watch this video and share it with as many people as possible. That’s 2 clicks people. Let’s make it happen for “mom”!