Do you know Raquel Penzo?? You Should…

This post has been long over due, and her site has been a long time coming, but after years and years of damn-near killing herself to prove that yes, you can survive as a full-time writer in this metropolis, my homegirl and loyal  16’sCandles supporter, The Jaded New Yorker has finally launched her official website.Image is the hub of all things Raquelthe author. Piggybacking off of her successful JadedNyer blog, is a less angst-ridden and zingy – but just as witty, professional welcoming pad for you to get to know this Uber-talented genius mind who is as warm as it is possible for a New Yorker to be! The fact that she is indeed so genuinely warm and as smart as she is is something to applaud, as in alot of cases, writers have the annoying tendency to be unfriendly and snarky, addressing folk with a ‘and who are you?’ air. Not only that, a dynamic mother of 2 and a tireless champion for Latino recognition, respect and unity in the literary world, Penzo has made a name for herself and is quite the pioneer for her generation (translation = she’s Googleable). She just published her first book, My Ego Likes the Compliments…And Other Musings on Writing (Which I have yet to buy admittedly) early this year, and even though I’ve never been to one of her La Pluma Y La Tinta events which she holds monthly, I’m glad to know her. Go get familiar with Raquel at her site today. Click the link, and please go get her book.

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