Cuba develops lung cancer vaccine

The credit goes to my old high school bestie Jessica for bringing this one to my attention via a Facebook post.Image

It seems that as fate would have it, the section of the world that is responsible for the most coveted cigars is also responsible for developing the first efficient cancer vaccine.

In Cuba, scientists have been working on and testing what is now a vaccine aimed at suppressing and blocking the progression of serious lung cancer for decades. It doesn’t serve as a preventative measure, but provides another alternative to chemotherapy – which is still the primary treatment method. In true socialist/communist fashion, the vaccine is made available to those in need for free. So far, the country stands behind it’s categorization as a full on vaccine. Of course, us North Americans interested in the treatment would most likely have to wait until it makes its way to Canada, where trade with Cuba is alive and kicking and no political embargo exists.

Say what you will about how much we don’t know about the reliability of a quote-unquote “enemy” nation’s medical practices, or the fact that it’s third world science from a country with a boastful reputation – or how much we can trust medication at all, but anyone who knows how strongly I feel about this issue could imagine just how hopeful it sounds to see the word cancer followed by the word vaccine.

Read more about it at this link

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