Even T.I. knows that Chris Brown ain’t a safe bet

Speaking of rappers and responsibility…



One of my FAVORITE rappers represents that tangent that I listen to who occasionally makes an ignorant song (or move depending on what you re assessing).

Coming off of the heels of my post questioning my once pro-gun stance, we’re all familiar with T.I.’s legal woes concerning his arsenal of firearms in the name of protection. I’ve always felt that he comes from more of the 2Pac school of violence where it’s mainly mentioned in reference to threats and beef, and not senseless nonsense. Is this an excuse? No. The more I watch his VH1 show centering around his family life, the more I see similarities in our personality. This doesn’t make it easier for me to detach my fondness of his character and scrutinize him more.

But at the present moment, I don’t feel bad at all identifying with a man who most recently declared that he would “Absolutely Not” let his daughters date the walking meltdown you guys all call Chris Brown. He recently gave that answer when asked that question on the Joy Behar show this weekend. For all of his and almost every other negro’s defending and complacency, his decision to publicly denounce bitch-boy’s behavior (whether he tries to take it back now or not) was a real grown man move that overruled his public favor or ties. It was his true sentiment as a father and one that was grounded in a reality that I wish most of you would come back to once you put it in a context closer to home. Nobody would allow a non-Chris Brown Chris Brown back into their daughter’s lives. Grown or not Grown. 

Thanks for being a “stand up guy” on that Tip.

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