Do You Know Jannelle Cortes?? You Should…

You know that feeling of being in the presence of a Dynamic person (Yes, Capital “D”)??


Ms. Jannelle Cortes is that indeed. And I knew it from my first conversation with her, but I learn so much more everytime we speak. A vibrant master of  too many dance forms to name, she might be single-handedly responsible for bringing the art of belly-dancing to Harlem!

She’s so about it, she organizes yearly trips for her most devoted students to travel to one awe-inspiring geographic location for an experience like none other! Last year, it was Turkey. Where will this year take her??

Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her to expand her Groovefit empire(the real one) from DVD’s to multiple studios. She travels to instruct different classes from borough to borough in NYC, while still operating out of her main dance studios in Chelsea and midtown. She gives back to the community in several ways but always spreads the groovefit name, even offering free yoga classes every Tuesday. Just recently, she opened her Harlem studio space this month and threw a launch party (that I bartended). She’s also pretty damn good at that too!! Not very much that this well traveled, educated and proud Dominican trailblazer cannot do!

And on top of all of that, She’s from my second home, the DMV Urrrreahh!!

For more info, check out the site sign up today!


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  1. Ok, that has to be the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for writing about me :/) I am so touched…… grateful to have you in my life!

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