Get familiar with Love @ 1st Byte & the name Tatiana!


Fresh off of a carefully planned and well prepped launch on the perfect day, Tatiana King‘s brainchild was welcomed to the world yesterday on the big V.

Love @ 1st Byte encapsulates everything tech savvy and quirky you can expect from the brand new site in the cleverness of its name alone. A nod to it’s creator’s origins as a lover of all things computer, anime and the like, this space serves as a hub for keeping like-minded souls in the loop and also a platform for the soon to be Mrs. Jones to share her personality and creative spirit.

Pooling together her experience in media and business, visitors to the site can expect gadget reviews and opinions as well as interviews and an overall sharing from her bevy of knowledge.


And it is a bevy. She’s come a long way since the Howard University dorm days when I had a slight crush and me and the homie Derick used to call her “T-Skoozi”. Yet she was always a cool nerd then and it seems she always will be. Now she’s a grown woman putting that business acumen to practice with her first love and working on marriage to her other love. Peep her and her future husband in our Alma Mater’s special couples Newsletter.

HU!!! U Know!!! Bringing couples together since….

Although it shouldn’t have to be mentioned, something has to be said about the fact that Tatiana represents a seldom acknowledged or heard from demographic of young African-American women who are in the know and love of technological developments and innovation. There are millions like her who haven’t had enough voices. Here’s to hoping hers rings loud. And here’s to hoping she does a far better job of staying consistent than I do on this blog. For more info, visit or click the pic above.



  1. Malik,

    I am honored that you took the time to post about me and LAFB. I truly appreciate every ounce of support. Especially from one of the few I call ‘friend’. Thanks man! 🙂

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