*New MALIK-16 video on VEVO – “I Go”*


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The accompanying video to my first official single has arrived today, just in time to still count as a February release and close out the month. The story behind this video was such a journey. Should I start with the year and a half long squabble with the dude who actually shot it and was supposed to edit it but left me hanging and started ducking me when I ultimately wound up just asking for the footage? Should I mention the bus-trip to D.C. on Thanksgiving weekend just to dump the footage off after finally wrestling it back into my possession to be edited? Should I mention the professionals who refused to touch it and told me the footage was useless? Should I mention the semi-arguments about editing to secure my vision and make sure that I present myself as comedic but not silly in my debut video on a label with major distribution and the threat of not releasing it? Should I mention the back and forth questioning of the labelhead why my video hadn’t dropped after the single being out for 3 weeks only to finally get the word today and not be credited as the director?? And ARRGHH!! Where’s the dash in my name??


I’ll just show you the end result. My directorial debut for my single “I Go” under S.F.E. through Universal distribution – produced by My road dog K.Lio a.k.a. Jim Nastic. A video shot by NameisE, Young O with some help from Marv X, Edited and brought wonderfully to life by my labelmate Redhead. AND last but certainly not least…..Conceptualized, toiled over and DIRECTED BY ME!! From start to finish. This isn’t even a top quality video. Just an example of making something out of nothing. I hope you Like it. It looks good with that VEVO backdrop. The story behind it makes me appreciate what’s in front of it even more. Now help me get these views!!!

P.S. That single is still very alive and popping on iTunes if you haven’t gotten it yet!

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