WHy 16?

Malik-16 is your New favorite Rapper turned New Favorite Blogger.

I avoided this world for years intentionally, because I had no interest in the politics, upkeep or nerdiness of it.

But now I realize that this is just yet another avenue for me to be better than everyone else at something – ha!

But seriously, I don’t get the traffic that others do, but have always gotten props for having well thought out designs, Standout themes, and original features on my site and myspace page. I figured I can bring some of that same energy to the blogosphere, where Iam actually responsible for the daily content.

I can present things to you, the visitor/reader/Lurker, in a way that’s uniquely me, but really all for you. This is not just a home for my selfish rants and shameless self – promotion. This is my most direct way to connect to you, not the Fan.  But the LISTENER.

My advice. Make A Wish.

Now Blow!!! (PAUSE)


  1. You are hilarious, and I look forward to reading more about your upcoming gigs & selfish rants! 🙂


  3. What up King Noble?! Long time no ear my brova… it’s ya manz: the real Tutankhamen. JD hipped me to ya blog; I feel ya on avoiding the hoopla of the web cause I’ve been doing the same thing. But I think both of us are going to break that trend. More to come soon.


  4. Malik! Long time no see/talk/chill. I see you’ve come a long way since Verbal Armageddon days. Keep doing what you do. You been my favorite rapper since ’03 🙂

    • Wow…I’m gonna cry…

      • I didn’t think you would respond so fast! We need to keep on touch. Email me..please.

  5. I’m always impressed.

    • You always find me…

      • The bigger question is why do I look…

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